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  1. Thanks again for your advice, you're making me feel a bit better about the situation. So realistically (if not morally very wrong), if I hear nothing from them over the course of the next few years, I have no real motivation to make enquiries about it? And in terms of the statute barred law, say I were to go to Oz when this is clear, it shouldn't be flagged on credit/job applications and I shouldn't face any restrictions in that sense (obviously my credit profile will be rubbish having no record of living there, but I won't have the debt showing?). Appreciate the help and advice
  2. Thanks for the reply. No, I have no idea which company it is contacting me, or if indeed the missed calls have come from an agency or the bank. They never said who they were, simply to call a Sydney based number, which I didn't do. What do you think the 'normal' process for a situation like this would have been? Cheers for the advice re passport, I'll make sure I use my Australian one. I have actually been back before without any issue, but I guess I wondered if the situation had 'advanced' in my absence (IE through the courts or something), that there might be issues. I guess you ca
  3. Hi, Sorry if these things have been covered elsewhere, but I was hoping that someone might have a little bit of advice for me in regards to my particular situation. I am a dual Australian/UK citizen. I grew up in Oz, but about 5 years ago came over to the UK to go 'travelling'. I left behind a bank loan of roughly $7000, but at the time I had enough in my oz bank a/c to keep up with the payments for around a year, IE the time I planned to 'travel' for. As it happened, I decided to stay, and being a UK citizen was able to do so. I maintained the payments in my Australian bank account
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