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  1. Same problem as others but unfortunately had to be out of the country for a conference the next week. Phoned Samsung and reported the fault and a very charming young lady gave me the phone number of their approved repair company and said they would arrange an inspection. I phoned the repair company and was told they had not received anything from Samsung at that time but they would call me as soon as they had. Four hours later I phoned again and was told to contact Samsung again as they had not received anything and could not do anything without a job number from them. Back to Samsung to be told I would have to contact the repair company and make my own arrangements when they would pay for the parts and repair if it proved to be a manufacturing fault. Back to the repair company who wanted £104 to do the inspection which Samsung would refund. Back to Samsung who then told me they would not refund the inspection but would fund the actual repair subject to the inspection which meant they would pay the £5.00 for the new capacitors. Comet who supplied the TV advised contacting the Consumer protection people but admitted it could take up to 6 months in the local area to get anything done and I would still have to fund the inspection. Leaving my wife without a television while I was out of the country was not an option. I bought a new one and I'll replace the capacitors myself. To me Samsung are on a self destruct course if they carry on in this way because I will never purchase anything of theirs again.
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