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  1. Thanks both, Yes as soon as i have the letter i will get them loaded on this post, Thanks
  2. Okay i just wanted to share a little success i have had in the last few weeks. I have had my credit card(opened 2006) in dispute with lloyds banking group for the past 18 months stopped paying 12 months ago due to the fact they could not provide me with a signed valid credit agreement. So last month i decided that i would ask if they would consider a full and final settlement for the debt as the account is still in dispute and that i wanted to put an end to this account once and for all. They sent me back saying only willing to accept 90% of the debt (£1980). So i left this an
  3. Afternoon all My partner has a got a mortgage in her sole name, as my credit is very poor, After 5 years i will be put myself on the mortgage as soon as i got my credit score to a better standard My qurestions are: What things might link us financially? We are doing house insurance is that okay to put my name on as saying i live in the house or will that link us? I understand things like sky, virgin media, etc will link us financially Just dont want to get in a position where i effect her credit rating Thanks in advance Journey Man
  4. Evening all I thought i would post a new thread as i need as much accurate information as possible! Me and my girlfriend have decided to buy a house, I need some information as she has a great credit score and has been accepted in principal for a mortgage we need, I have a very bad credit score defaults etc... So how does this work so we can protect her great credit score: Am i right in saying as long as we dont no apply for something jointly we will not be connected financially? If this is correct how do we go about, Council tax etc Can i get my mail to my new
  5. Hi all thanks for your input Nationwide has offered 55k Great news
  6. Hey thanks for your input, Ive checked a few sites and they say they could lend upto 62k depending on credit score so looking good at the moment but i think its just a matter of seeing what the advisors have to say tomorrow Im on a journey
  7. Hey thanks for your reply Its for tomorrow she has meeting at midday Cheers
  8. Hello all my partner is going to see a mortgage advisor intially to see how much she would be able to borrow on her salary alone. She has a deposit of 42k and the house she has seen is £99,995 So roughly needing 58k mortgage, The reason we cannot do a joing application is because my credit score is screwed due to a few defaults etc, all these debts are now fuly in control. The things i suppose i am woundering is? She has a great credit score and has a very good deposit will that help? She earns 14k a year so am i right in saying they lend 4 times your salary so it would be
  9. My auntie had passed away in the last week and i am helping with her Debts, What happens to her debt as she has passed away? She has 3 credit cards in sole name, She left no will and has no estate? Thanks in advance Im on a journey
  10. okay i signed up to a membership last year but apparently when i did this i had to un click auto renew. I didnt want to stay a member for this new season yet they took the membership fee from my account! i rang them and they are refusing to refund this... do i have any rights? 14 day cooling off period? thanks in advance
  11. Quick question my mother had her purse stolen in our local retail park about 3 months ago, we have had some info on the case but what are the chances the retail park keeps recordings for 3 months plus, i know usually recordings are only kept for 1 month normally? Does anyone think recordings are kept 3 months plus?
  12. Hello the Snake firstly well done for actually wanting to change your ways, My situation is very similar i have a gambling problem and i am at the first stage of getting though my addiction, i am going to a GA meeting on Thursday my first one very nervous, With regards to your situation with your debts i would suggest the first thing to do is tell your family what is going on, i realise how much they have helped you out already but i think by telling them wont be half as bad as always worrying about your father opening a letter its not worth the stess and anxiety. Are you online now
  13. my sister lost her phone bu disnt report it with orange as stolen she just got a new contract with vodafone.. the slight problem is someone has run a bill up of 299.40.. orange say they wont do anything and she had 3 months to pay?? any advice or past experiances you can share... thanks
  14. At last i have a response from Halifax to my complaint What are your thoughts fellow caggers?
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