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  1. Hi All (Will try to keep this as short as possible) I defaulted on a pay day loan, Gothia bought the debt and put a default on my credit report. Then these cowboys bought it.... This past year ive had the same problems as the rest of you with the constant threat o grams and daily phone calls all which I have dealt with in writing. However as the debt has become statue barred this is where things have become more interesting / frustrating. In June one month before the debt became statute barred MMF put another default on my credit report. While Equaifax did remove the default from my credit report when I asked them too, MMF still continued to harass me after the statute barred date on a daily basis, claiming that the statue barred date date wasn't until the end of August, despite them putting it on my credit report as July. I again challenged them on this in writing and in September received a letter from them stating that this debt was statue barred and they would no longer be chasing me for it. Now the interesting part the same week it became statue barred I received a letter from them with another letter attached from Pounds to Payday claiming that a loan I defaulted on with pounds till pay day was now being passed to them. I am certain they have fabricated this letter in order to try and continue to collect the debt (which is now statue barred). Firstly being that I have never taken a loan with Pounds to Pay Day and secondly both the amounts owed are similar. £317 and now £318. I have complained to the OFT five times now and nothing, has any one else had a similar issue with them after a debt has become statute barred ?
  2. That's what I thought, but wanted to double check... Thanks for your help
  3. Hi All Can somebody tell me when does the 6 years start if no payment was ever made and no acknowledgement or any communication was made ?
  4. Thanks for your replies... Is there a letter template for asking the OC to remove the original entry ?
  5. im using checkmyfile, but this has only been reported to equiafax
  6. Yes that was one of the first letters they sent me.....
  7. I would say no not recently, while ive been receiving letters these past 2 months i did receive a couple of phone calls from them back in july which i ignored and then they stopped.
  8. Hi Thanks for your reply. Yes they are listed on my credit report as Lloyds TSB & Lowell. Both same debt, but listed as seperate
  9. Hi all I'm a little stuck, some advice would be much appreciated In April 2009 my Lloyds TSB bank account went over drawn due to excessive bank charges. At the time they were very unhelpful and I refused to pay which in turn they closed my account put a default on my credit report for £324. These past 2 months Lowell have started sending me letters informing me they have taken on this debt and when i checked my credit report today Lowell have now added an additional default to my credit report. I now have 2 defaults on my credit report for the same debt, and not exactly sure how to deal with this ?
  10. Hi All For the past several weeks now I have started to receive phone calls, texts and letters from these cowboys. Have sent a letter informing them I will only deal with them in writing and sent another for a cca request. This morning I received a letter and what looks to be like a credit agreement from them. Apart from them claiming that a creditor is in a different position to a postman etc they state that my phone number and email address have been removed from their files, yet within the past 2 hours ive received 2 phone calls and a text which reads: "Unless you call us urgently on 01138 876876, our agent will attend your property unannounced". I also note that on page 3 of the credit agreement there is no signature only my name, address and an X next to I agree. Not sure how to proceed with this, would appriciate some advice.....
  11. I have reports from all 3 agencies and also checked it through checkmyfile. It has only been reported to callcredit. On my callcredit report it says Payment status: U & Account Status DA. On checkmyfile it just says DA (Debt Assignment) and under Default Date it says Not Defaulted.
  12. I have a DA on my credit report from a payday company who have forward the debt on to a collecting agency. Apart from the DA it says my account is closed and that it hasnt defaulted. Since the payday company says I didnt default, if i pay off what i owe can the DA be removed or will it stay on my report for 6 years ?
  13. Hi all im new to this group and could do with some help! About 6yrs ago i had a bank loan and an overdraft with Abbey National that i defaulted on. Apart from 2 letters from Santander stating my account was in a negative balance nothing was ever mentioned about the loan or request for payment. However as for the overdraft this debt was sold off to various debt collecting agencies who would send the odd letter but that was it. Checking my credit report i find Santander have added the defaulted loan once in 2008 and again in 2011. As for the overdraft that too has been added to my credit report last month and this morning i have recieved a letter from another collection agency trying to recover the same overdraft. Am i right in thinking that because these are 6yrs old that can be removed from my credit file ? even though they have only recently been added to my file ?
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