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  1. Don't expect them to be an easy win, just keep replying advising you are willing to pay the original loan amount plus a months interest and stick with it.
  2. You owe them no more than the original loan amount plus a months interest. I have been dealing with them also. Locate your original credit agreement email and you will see that the "Duration of Agreement" is no more than 1 month.... thats it. Email them and stick to the 1 month interest + loan amount. They will use every tactic in the book to scare you into paying their stupid made up micky mouse fees.
  3. Hi All, Over the last year or so I have got myself into a rather large muddle with the various payday loan companies... I ended up paying out my entire salary to them and then borrowing again to ensure that I had money for the month. Anyways, enough is enough I thought to myself and I have decided that now I have myself in a somewhat 'stable' financial position (ie: I know what goes in and I know exactly what goes out) I have started getting in contact with the various companies to make arrangements to pay. My issue is currently with CashGenie... on a £150 loan they have decided
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