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  1. Thanks for that !! Will give the 'being recorded' bit a try. Had the first Roxburghe call today and dealt with it by saying Iwas on my way out and they asked me to ring them back as it was an automated call !! Wonder when the next one will be ?
  2. Thank you Andy , Surfboy and Esmerobbo ! Guess I should carry on with the ignoring then and wait for the phone calls! I must put all my info near the phone so if they do catch me whilst in the middle of a T.V programme I can have my script at the ready !! Thanks everyone ,wish all this would just go away !
  3. I'm afraid I am in need of further advice following a Parking Charge Notice from Meteor in September after parking in a Railway Station car park. I received the initial ticket followed by a letter from Roxburghe Debt Collectors telling me the fine had gone up . Today I received another letter from Roxburghe stating the fine is now £144 and to pay within the next 10 days or they will pass the matter to Graham White solicitor who will review the case for potential legal action. The letter asks me to refer to the Civil Procedure Rules part 31.16 and 31.17. As I understand they are r
  4. Well thats reassuring , thanks for that it makes perfect sense, think thats the reason I was panicking cos normally the law and common sense don't always go together. Thanks again to all for all the help I am really grateful.
  5. Yes so I believe, I've read on this forum of the antics of these so called ' solicitors ', really cant believe how they get away with it. Its a pity that the media dont show what these people get up to. I have to say though , I still have a nagging doubt because of the fact that Meteor are acting on behalf of London Midland, would they have any rights to demand a payment ? I've tried to find out who owns the car park but I havent really got a clear cut answer.
  6. Well there was no chance of that happening as there were loads of empty parking bays . I just thought I would offer the £3.50 as a gesture of goodwill, but I dont see these people offering much goodwil l!! Think after all the advice everyone has given I'll give the 'ignoring' thing a go much as it goes against what I normally do.... pay up for a quiet life !
  7. Well by my reckoning the cost for a full days parking is £3.50 , so if I blocked part of one of these bays then the days loss would be £3.50 even though I was only there for about 3 hours.
  8. Thank you to all the people who took the time and trouble to help with my plight ! I will report any correspondence I get from ' Meteor ' which undoubtedly I will.
  9. Hi Michael, Yes it does say a breach of terms and conditions and that I was ' not parked within a marked bay ' , no mention of a Penalty charge or which Railway Byelaw was breached. Thanks for your help
  10. Hi jamberson, Oh dear I was beginning to wonder about something like that ! Now do I start entering into any correspondence with Meteor or not ? Maybe I will go and have a look at the car park again to see if there is something I have missed.
  11. Thanks for the advice, I must get stronger, repeat etc. Still sweating !! Has anyone ignored these 'fines' and been successful ? It would just give me a bit more confidence to hear from others and ignore these bullies,... for want of a better expression. I just cant get my head around the fact that these companies are being allowed to obtain money from innocent people and still stay within the so called ' law'.
  12. I think I too am a victim of these private parking companies. A few days ago I received a parking ticket at Kidderminster railway station. I bought a ticket and displayed it, but apparently I did not park correctly within the white bay lines. Well the white bay lines were virtually invisible , so perhaps I have comeback there, also the terms and conditions or whatever they care to call them were displayed on a noticebord quite high up and the print was so small it was illegable, so maybe another comeback, thirdly if I didn'nt park within the bays lines then the most they would have lost in r
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