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  1. Thanks for that your right about being upfront to landlord just worries me that with the bad credit and then the house it doesnt look good why would any one want a tenant like that.yes we can meet the payments and have good guarantor but it still looks bad on paper.regarding renting our property thats not an option as I dont want the hassel of being a landlord and I still have the problem if the decide to move on Im stuck with two lots of payments a month.wish I knew what to do this is just awful and such a worry with children.
  2. Hi sorry Im not sure where to post this we are in a similar situation and cant sleep at night for all the worry,we need to leave our property we have two children and only 2 bedrooms boy and girl.the house is not selling and we couldnt get a mortage even if we wanted to we have bad credit and also quite a large shortfall 30k with northern rock,they wont let us port the mortgage or even lower the price to sell quickly we are stuck,our only option is to hand keys back and rent we have seen a property to rent and it is vacant we have a good guarantor and think to application should go through we
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