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  1. Thank you for your reply. You have shredded my entire reply in pieces lol. Can you please redraft the letter and guide me how i should appeal against it. Your help will be highly appreciated
  2. Hello Everyone again, I have drafted a letter to appeal against PCN. Can you please have a quick look and make any amendments if you feel they are required. Is this ok to be sent? Your input will be highly appreciated Parking and Traffic Enforcement, PO Box 1125, Warrington, WA55 IEJ Dear Sir/ Madam Penalty Charge Notice number: Vehicle registration: [oppss] I am writing to formally challenge the above Penalty Charge Notice. On my vehicle was issued with a Penalty Charge Notice for the reason of Parked with one or more vehicles on or over a footpath. In accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1991, my challenge is on the basis that the contravention did not occur. I was looking for a place to park my car on 10/06/2013 and I saw a sign on Waldegrave Road, which clearly states that footway parking is allowed on the road. Please find enclosed a copy of the sign on Waldegrave Road. I then saw marked white markings on the same road. I found another sign which suggested that no parking is allowed between Monday and Friday from 8am to 6:30 pm. Due to the contradictory nature of the signs, I decided to park and get out of the vehicle to properly check the signs. Because the signs on Waldegrave road were not clear and contradictory, I decided to move my car. The car was moves within one and half minutes of parking it. You can also see me in the background (On the pictures you had sent me) checking the signs. Further evidence can also be obtained by watching the complete video footage. As I only got out of the car to check the contradictory road signs, this does not constitute a contravention of code 62. Therefore, I will kindly request you to cancel PCN on this occasion as it was illegally issued as no contravention took place. I require a copy of the video footage as well, which will serve as further evidence to take my appeal to Independent Parking Adjudicator I also like to know why CCTV enforcement took place on this road and the reason behind issuing PCN by post. Can you also send me a copy of traffic order to prove that pavement parking is not allowed on Waldegrave Road. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely
  3. Hello Guyz, I am new to the forum and decided to join this forum to get some help against recently issued PCN. I recently parked my car with one wheel over a footpath. On this road, parking with one wheel on the footpath is allowed but only within marked space. Also there is no parking allowed between Monday to Friday from 8am to 6:30pm. On that road, people often park their cars with one tyre on the foot path. On the day, I was not sure if I was allowed to park there so I parked my car with one tyre over a footpath. I got out of a car to check the parking restrictions and realized afterwards, that I can only park on footpath within marked space. As soon as I realized it, I moved my car. The car was moved within 3 minutes of parking it. You can also see me in the background checking the parking restrictions. I really can't afford to pay the PCN so can you please help me appeal against PCN. Do I have any grounds to appeal?. On the basis that I only got out of the car to check the parking restrictions and moved my car withing three minutes after checking the parking restrictions. Or on any other basis? I have attached all relevant pictures and PCN as well. Any help will be much appreciated.
  4. I urgently need help challenging an illegal ticket by newham council. This is what happened, Just to let you know on strone road there is free parking for 4 hours and no return within 2 hours. I parked my car at Strone road, east ham at 9.30 am, where it is free parking for 4 hours.. I then moved my car at 10.30 am, went to barking and then parked it again at strone road at 1 pm. So i never broke any parking restrictions. But Ceo logged me in at 10.04 am. Ceo logged me in again at 14.09 pm. And issued me a ticket thinking my car was parked for over 4 hours. He issuded me a PCN at 14.09 and also got my car towed away at 14.40. So over all i had to pay 240 pounds.40 pounds for the ticket and 200 pounds releasing fee. I appealed against it but Council rejected it saying my tyre position was exactly the same, which proved i didnt move my car. So what do i do now because i did move my car. And I demanded pictures from newham council taken at 10.04 am because these pictures would have been a proof that my car was not parked at the exam same position. But they dont have it. The only pictures they have is the one taken at 2.09. Secondly, i thought it was really harsh to get my car towed away. My car was not posing a danger to any one, so it was really harsh to issue a pcn and then to tow my car away. Thirdly, can i add anything else to successfully win my appeal. So guyz, please help me draft a letter. I want to add a lot of legal jargon but i am really clueless on how to do it. So guyz please please please please please help me
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