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  1. RPI's issue the penalty fare there and then during the incident, if you alight the vehicle then as long as you are aware a report is submitted then this is satisfactory. IIRC the TFL contract also requires IRCAS to write to your given address (this is electronically dispatched from the inspectors notes) within 5 working days to also tell you that you have been issued the PF and to reaffirm this information as well. I find it highly unlikely that you would think that nothing would come of this after having your details taken and confirmed by an RPI.
  2. If you go before a magistrate it has potential to be much more costly than £80 (it could run into hundreds of pounds), and leave you with a criminal record on top. I'm not saying they would pursue this to a prosecution, I'm saying it is one option they have open to them. A penalty fare is considered a "second chance", it is exactly what it says, a penalty for having a ticketing irregularity that they are offering you the chance to be dealt with away from the court system. You have been given the opportunity to settle this away from the court system, my advice is to take it and ensure you
  3. I cannot see how you could 'win' any appeal as you breached the terms of the pass. Irrelevant if there is revenue loss or not, you failed to comply with terms attached to your pass which you agreed to when it was issued to you.
  4. In regards to proof you can ask for a subject access request to CCTV on the bus if it is still available from the bus operating company. This will cost around £15 but you may find that this is now unavailable as it is wiped on a 2 week cycle usually.
  5. My advice is to pay it. They could just proceed to a magistrates court to proceed the case which would then be more detrimental to you than £80.
  6. TFL revenue staff use electronically printed Penalty Fares generated from a handheld PDA with special realtime software that send all PF's to their prosecutions team immediately, likewise with the IRCAS checks, these are electronically sent from IRCAS to the inspector in real-time via the Personal Digital Assistant. London Buses RPI staff don't require the signature from any passenger during issue of a PF or Irregularity Report for consideration of prosecution as they are not cautioned. Remember their are different rules and by laws on buses compared to the railway so obviously the RRA etc doe
  7. You will have been reported via the TFL IR (irregularity report) procedure by the bus RPI for transferred pass. This usually leads to a court summons being issued as you are over the age of 18. This is not something London Buses would deal with as a penalty fare. You will in the next 7-10 days receive a letter asking for your version of events. Unless you have some serious mitigating reason for using this pass then it is likely TFL will choose to ask the court to issue a summons (a court summons can be issued for this by the court any time within 6 months of the date of offence) as it is
  8. Im considering whether their maybe confusion with regards to the ticket. Did the OP purchase a child or Adult rate ticket? As the user is 16 it should be an adult one. There is no reason given as to why the ticket was "wrong" and the pf issued.
  9. I think you'll find Hitler died in the last CENTURY.... Not decade - who's the rail retard now then!? Firstclassx is right, the laws and regs have clearly passed the test of time, and are still seemingly adequate even now for the range of offences on the railway.
  10. I can get it down to £140.70 walk up fare if you are travelling off peak with no railcards. Don't forget railcards save 33% as well. Combining your rover ticket allows national rail conditions of carriage, section 19 part c to apply to this combination of tickets allowing you to combine tickets when the train doesn't stop there. Freedom of north east 4 in 7 rover £85 Retford to Peterborough cheap day return - £26 Peterborough to Kings Cross - £29.70 Total - £140.70 the returning same day. This took me 5 mins on my ipad, I'm sure if I spent a bit longer doing its could g
  11. You seem to have me weighed up incorrectly timbo58, as I am employed to catch fare evaders, i am not one myself.
  12. Not in the slightest, nobody deserves to assaulted in their line of work. However, a reply like this makes the driver as bad as the ignorant passenger if not worse, being a professional driver you should know better. I'm sure if this individual's employer were to hear this reply prior to any assault, they would bring into question the drivers actions.
  13. Forgive me if this sounds like I'm having a dig, but if you were to get assaulted in the line of duty driving your bus, would you tell your employer the exact conversation above?
  14. Nothing else I can add, the best bet is to do as SRPO suggests and prepare a letter using a template. I would also suggest you do absolutely nothing else until FCC contact you. In a busy department the inspector's report may not have been acted on yet, and therefore a case number probably not allocated yet. As difficult as it seems, draft a letter and wait till THEY contact YOU, otherwise your letter may get lost amongst the tooling-and-froing without a case number. I would also suggest enclosing a cheque with your letter offering to cover all costs and losses incurred. A ball park figure
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