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  1. I will definitely stick with the co-op account then - many thanks
  2. That's really helpful, thanks. I am going to use my Co-op Cashminder account for the time being. It would be good to know the answer re offset between Lloyds/Halifax as the Halifax account has the benefit of a cheque book, and Co-op doesn't.
  3. Can anyone advise me please - if I fall out with Lloyds (which I am likely to do) and I have an overdraft outstanding - will funds in a Halifax Current account be at risk of Lloyds grabbing?
  4. Hi dx - Happy New Year - yes, it's that long that I have been banging my head against the Reliance 'brick wall'. Essentially, I did not get anywhere at all and ended up agreeing to pay off the max that I could from my pension tax free cash and agreeing a very low repayment of the remaining approx£1000. They would accept no discount whatsoever. I did try!
  5. It does all appear above board - my gut feeling is that I should discharge this debt (while I am in the unusual position of being able to). I have various other issues that I need to resolve including some credit cards. Given my current situation I may be better to turn my energy to these?
  6. Thanks for checking that out. What would be your advice - do I have any negotiating position at all?
  7. Hi dx I invested £3 in a land registry report and I am posting up extracts from it. I suspect that it is all in order and that they would wish to rely on any charge? (Reliance Property Loans is a trading name of OneSavings Bank plc)
  8. I have posted up all of the statements which are complete up to end March'13 Also the redemption statement which I requested from them early August
  9. At last - I am partially mobile and can hobble to my office. dx - I am posting up the original loan agreement in pdf format - hope I succeed with this ok
  10. I have looked out the relevant documents and will get them posted up as soon as I can - I am currently indisposed, confined to one room, with broken leg and spinal fracture, so unable to access scanner etc. Expecting more freedom soon!
  11. Hello dx Thanks for looking in on this. What sort of facts are we looking for here? I have all the paperwork/statements for the whole duration of the loan. The payments are up to date - last one was last week. I have been late a small number of times - charged £35 on each occasion. The original loan although Ocean Money was on Marlborough Loans Limited headed paperwork. I hope this is helpful so far.
  12. There is certainly no PPI here. Loan taken out 2007 (10 year term) - monthly payments are up to date. Are Reliance likely to have taken over the debt at a discount? Are they a DCA?
  13. Hi, Does anyone know anything about Reliance Property Loans? They apparently have taken over my debt with Ocean Money. Some years ago in a moment of weekness I borrowed from Ocean, secured against a property. The current balance is about £10,000 and the loan interest rate is 10.428% The payments are far too much for me but I am about to receive the tax free cash part of my pension as I have just reached the qualifying age. I would like to discharge this debt as I would have no hope of making the approx £300 monthly instalments now that I have retired. Is Reliance a DCA? Am I likely to be able to negotiate a settlement figure? Any advice would be most welcome please
  14. Order received from the court, quote "The Claimant's statement of claim is struck out and the claim is hereby dismissed"
  15. Thank you all for very kind comments - after the hopefully, last step I will be pleased to pass on the benefit of my experiences
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