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  1. Hello, The loans was taken out in South Africa with Standerd Bank - the bank says i applied for the loan in person - but my passport clearly shows that im in the uk - then the loan was awarded and they purshces a house on all my documents and took the money and run - leaving the house to be repossed and sold at auction in 2009. now they turn up in the UK demanding the money - as im on Uk soil i fall under Uk law? Can they persue me for monies if they case is still open at the bank and the ombudsman? As they are aksing me to pay a shortfall - when the bank has not made a decision yet?
  2. Hello, Can someone please help me - I am being chased for monies by MBS Recoveries. Money was taken out on my name by fraud and 5 years later I'im hunted down to pay the shortfall after the house was sold at auction due to repayments not made. I'm in dialogue with the bank and the Ombudsman - but im still sent letters demanding payment. I told them my situation and was left alone for a while. A week ago a Private Investigator turn up - he was apparently looking for me - i was still exactly where i was the previous time - same work same house. Can they legally persue me if i
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