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  1. I think this is in the wrong section but I cant see were to post in the council tax section.. I had attachment of earnings sent to my employer, this stopped suddenly in April 2016, no contact from the council and no reply to any letters or emails sent, by me or my employer. in December 2016 they have issued two more and its crippling me paying the 2 of them plus the current year.,.. . what choices (if any) do I have.... someone please help me
  2. when I click that link it just takes me to a you tube tutorial and what it says I cant seem to find were it would say start new thread!! sorry for being so dim!!
  3. I still cant start a new thread, am I being thick, this site is so helpful but so confusing!!
  4. i need some advice for my parents with regard to a ppi claim. a company have approached them to take care of the claim, but they advised that they require £250 to start action and then take 25% of what they get you, if u dont have the £250 cash they charge you 39%. Does anyone have a template letter that i could use to try and reclaim this ourselves, the company is GE money. Thanks
  5. i paid over the phone by card, they gave a receipt number. we paid £720.93, the paperwork and message i had was for £840.93, will email and ask for breakdown. the debt was for £590.93. thanks
  6. further to the above post i have had a visit from bailiffs (didnt speak to them) they left a letter stating they wanted the amount plus £250 charges for coming out with van to remove goods. I spoke directly to council who said they were advised the charges were only debt plus £130. i have a text from the bailiff to advise he wanted £250 charges and a letter and spoke to rossendales office who confirmed the charge was only £130, is there any way i can waiver these charges as they are incorrect on paperwork. please advise, i have made payment to rossendales but wanted to know if i had any g
  7. i will go to my sisters tomorrow and use her scanner to scan everything in that i have from them, can i post them onto here????
  8. i dont have a scanner, but dont have a letter with fees, the bailiff just wrote on bottom of NOS the fees. i have spoke to a councillor would this help!????
  9. hi, i dont have a scanner, but i dont have a letter as such with breakdown of fees, the bailiff just wrote the fees on the bottom of the notices of seizure!!!!???? i have not contacted a councillor, would this help. when i spoke to the council they just told me to speak to bailiffs. ct what i dont understand is if this was being deducted from my wages, but couldnt csrry on being when i went onto maternity pay how the hell do they expect you to find £500 every 28 days?????????
  10. PLEASE HELP ME i have written to rossendales as prev advised, however after 2 and half weeks they have advised thet they cannot enter into arrangements as it been passed to bailiffs. is there noting more i can do other than let them take goods????? this is really stressing me out and putting great strain on family life. thank you in advance to anyone who canhelp
  11. the amounts are the same as council and the bailiff has made one visit. this years ct is included in the accounts with rossendales.
  12. can you please advise what action i need to take now. thank you for all your advice so far amanda s
  13. i have made a payment direct to the council and will be doing so on a weekly basis. this years council is included in the accounts listed. could you give me some advice on the letters i need to write. thanks
  14. Hi. I have just checked my papers, i have 3 accounts. in the amount of 1198.51, 1134.67 & 411.75 I have 3 notice of distress issued on 28th july, the bigger accounts have fees of £57 & £12, the smaller one has £38 and £12 fees. Each notice has the same goods listed.
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