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  1. Good! Any problems give me a shout
  2. YEAR: 2011/2012 Employee NINO Gross Pay Taxable pay to date Code Period Tax Due Net Pay Tax due to Date 7355.00 7355.00 593L 1 2160.66 4765.48 2160.66 3472.00 10827.00 0T 2 1003.47 2124.13 3164.13
  3. sorry that calculation did not come out very well (damn you excel spreadsheet!!!!) I will try again YEAR: 2011/2012 Employee NINO Gross Pay Taxable pay to date Code Period Tax Due Net Pay Tax due to Date NIC Letter EE NIC ER NIC Total NIC 7355.00 7355.00 593L 1 2160.66 4765.48 2160.66 A 428.86 933.70 1362.56 3472.00 10827.00 0T 2 1003.47 2124.13 3164.13 A 344.40 397.85 742.25
  4. YEAR: 2011/2012EmployeeNINOGross PayTaxable pay to dateCodePeriodTax DueNet PayTax due to DateNIC LetterEE NICER NICTotal NIC7355.007355.00593L12160.664765.482160.66A428.86933.701362.563472.0010827.000T21003.472124.133164.13A344.40397.85742.25 Your code of 593L seems low, check your P2 notice of coding to see what deductions are being made to lower the code to that amount as it should be 747L. It is possible that the underpayment from the earlier tax year is included in your code thereby reducing your free pay
  5. Can you let me know the total gross pay for each job and the tax code that operated against each job and I'll see if I can work it out for you
  6. Some information here; EIM06210 - Employment income: scholarship income ... http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/.../eim06210.htm EIM06210 - Employment income: scholarship income: taxable as trading or employment income?
  7. Good idea about the school records; proof that you could not have worked those hours! Write back to HMRC with this info and tell them that the error is on the part of the employer and they should pay any tax due... It sounds to me as if the employer is up to no good and I don't get what HMRC are on about with the duplicate allowances, that would only apply if you had two sources of income.
  8. I thought there was a de minimus limit on amounts HMRC could collect (£50 or £75?) Write to them and ask them this and also mention that it is statute barred.
  9. Were you paid by cash, cheque, BACS or CHAPS? If you were paid by cheque, BACS or CHAPS then evidence of the amounts can be obtained from your bank statements. Cash payments will be nigh on impossible to trace I'm afraid. I would certainly write back to them and tell them that you dispute their figures on the grounds that this is not what you received. Another thing you could do is contact the NI office and ask for a postings printout showing the amounts of NI paid over P.S I have edited out the name of the company
  10. The P46 you completed incorrectly by stating, this is my only or main job when you should have ticked I receive income from another job as well as this one means the code operating against your mon to fri job will be incorrect. You are entitled to only one personal tax allowance and because of your "error" you will have had one against each job, this means you will have an underpayment of tax at the end of the tax year. My advice would be to ring HMRC and tell them you filled the form in incorrectly. They will arrange for a correct code number to be issued (code BR, basic rate @ 20%which means that for every pound earned, 20p is taken off in tax)
  11. So I take it the code is 747L. If this is for 2012/13 it would usuually be 810L. Sounds as if you may have a deduction in your code. Check your latest P2 as this will give a breakdown of the deductions such a\s an underpayment carried forward, car benefit etc.
  12. Were you in receipt of JSA during the 3 month period of unemployment? JSA is taxable, so in order to calculate if any refund is due, HMRC would need details of the amount of JSA received. Did you get a P45 1 (u) from the jobcentre when you signed off JSA? If you did and handed this in to your employer, they would have accumulated the JSA and refunded you through your pay; you can check this by viewing the payslip you received after the P45 1 (u) was handed in. If a refund was made, you will see the letter R followed by an amount (the tax refund) This may be why HMRC are telling you no refund is due as it has already been made.
  13. HMRC will usually give consideration to a time to pay arrangement but your parents would need to prepare an income and expenditure report to show what disposable income they have which could be offset against the debt
  14. Sometimes they will check if the error occurred in an earlier year, usually by asking what date the error arose and taking it from there
  15. okie dokie...any problems just come back here and let us know
  16. Personally, I would say write in and send it recorded signed for delivery so that there is a record of it
  17. Yes it would!
  18. So I take it the claim was joint when it should have been single? If that is the case, then my advice would be to own up to the error and negotiate a time to pay arrangement to pay back the overpaid tax credits.
  19. Try googling COP 26. This is the HMRC code of practice relating to tax credit overpayments which may be useful to you
  20. Normally a tax code is cumulative, which means there is a rolling total of the tax month on month. If there is an x or W1/M1 after the code, this means the code is being operated on a week 1/month 1 basis which means tax is deducted as if itvwere the first week or month of the year(no account is taken of the previous tax deducted) this is usually done if an overpayment is being collected from a previous tax year or a deduction for job related benefits is included in the code such as car benefit. Would you be able to scan a copy of the payslip ( redact NiNo and other personal details first) so I can check it and hopefully advise you further
  21. From what you've said in your original post it would seem they're only interested in your ex as it is their name that is showing up on the records they've checked. I think it is worth you seeing your MP; quite a number of local MPs throughout the UK have become involved in their constituents disputes with tax credits with some degree of success.
  22. I'm not sure about the position with council tax, HB etc; I think you get awarded those benefits based on the level of your income but hopefully someone with more knowledge on those benefits can advise you. Yes, write to Nick Lodge at the same address as the one on the letters you have received from the tax credit office. Remember to write complaint at the top of your letter in bold capitals. Make sure you send it by recorded signed for delivery. I have known of other people who have had a statement of truth letter done for them by their GP etc and HMRC seem to accept that; I suppose they think a claimant may lie (not that I'm saying you are of course) but a GP, police officer, etc wouldn't
  23. Shame about CSA; that would have been helpful. Ok. My suggestions are as follows; Do you know anyone of standing in the community such as GP, local MP, civil servant, police officer who can write a statement if truth on your behalf stating that you live alone and not as part of a couple? Thus statement can then be sent with a covering letter to HMRC. I know that this has worked in the past. Another suggestion is to write a letter of complaint to Nick Lodge, director of benefits and credits.
  24. Hi I know this is all very frustrating and upsetting for you but you just need to take a step back keep calm (easy for me to say, I know) I don't know why they have said your appeal will be classed as non cooperation ... What a load of codswallop. Just to give you a bit of background, HMRC will use various sources to establish if an individual is living at an address such as Experian, council tax records etc. You need to submit an appeal (make sure that you write the word appeal in bold capitals at the top of the letter) state that you are appealing against HMRC actions, on the grounds that you are eligible to claim as a single person. Include all the details in your letter as you have posted here. Lay it on thick! Say that you have begged him repeatedly to not use your address and say that he becomes aggressive towards you when you do (even if he doesn't - this will help your case) Is your ex paying maintainence through the CSA? If he is, this will add weight to your appeal as you can advise HMRC of this
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