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  1. Hi everyone Can someone help with a query re different courts and debt? I had a costs certificate issued from London regarding a case I am still fighting. I applied for this to be set aside as the matter isn't finished. The hearing will take place in two weeks about this. However, today I received an Order of recovery of award from my local court. I am confused and not sure what to do next Scott
  2. Hi there You may remember I lost an ET case and was staggered when the Judge awarded costs over £40,000 against me. I am waiting for the EAT to decide if they will hear my appeal and suggested the other party wait as well. They won't and I have now been sent a default costs certificate. This is very worrying and I don't know what to do. Any advice is most appreciated. Scott
  3. I lost an ET case last year and had huge costs awarded against me. I have appealed to the EAT and await progress, Trouble is the other party are harassing me for costs and threatening County Court action if I don't pay. I have asked them to wait until the appeal but they refuse. They are demanding I offer a repayment plan. I don't know whether to make an offer unless this affects my appeal. I have sought advice but got conflicting suggestions. Anybody had a similar experience or got any views? Thanks so much Scott
  4. Many thanks for the help One more thing though - is a large costs award grounds for appeal itself? Or must it be something else? I don't want to mess up and face more costs I can't pay. Scott
  5. As you know I lost an ET case and face a huge costs demand - the Judge referred it to County Court for assessment. I want to explore the possibility of an appeal to the EAT. Because of where I live I cannot be referred for Pro Bono or to the FRU. None of the CAB's within 50 miles have referral agreements. I approached some further afield who do have arrangements but they won't help me as I don't live in their area. I need to take some advice and wonder if anyone can recommend a firm with experience of EAT appeals. London would be okay geographically. I don't want to make a bad
  6. Many thanks - I think I will appeal to an EAT. Would the CAB help with that or do you do it yourself? I don't know much about the EAT process and appreciate any comments. I have not received a written judgment yet but the Judge said "The case was doomed". If there had been a PHR and that was said then, I would have withdrawn and not be in such a mess.
  7. Thanks for your replies One of the many odd things that happened was that the Respondents asked for a pre-hearing review but the Tribunal refused. This encouraged me the case had merit. I would never have proceeded if I had dreamed costs of this nature would even be possible. Am I right in thinking that if I appeal to the EAT then I can ask for a delay in the County Court assessment? I am going to the CAB in the hope they can refer me or assist me with some legal advice Scott
  8. Worst day ever. I lost the ET for unfair dismissal as Judge ruled case was misconceived. I had no representation. Case lasted three days. Other side asked for costs in excess of £38,000 and Judge referred it to County Court to assess my finances. Very upset as have four kids and worried they will make us sell our home to pay. Can anyone help me with advice as to what I can do next? Thanks Scott
  9. Hi everyone I have an ET full hearing shortly over an unfair dismissal claim. The respondent has not supplied the hearing bundle or any witness statements as directed under the Case Management Orders they asked to vary. I submitted all my paperwork on time. Is it worth asking to strike out the response on this basis. I understand the Judge will hear applications on the first day of the hearing. I am unrepresented. Any comments or advice much appreciated. Scott
  10. Hi there and thanks for the response No i don't have insurance and am doing everything myself All suggestion are gratefully received
  11. Hi there Could someone help me as I'm without representation and have an ET hearing for unfair dismissal coming up in November. The respondents asked to vary the CMO's to give them more time to prepare the hearing bundle and exchange witness statements.The Judge allowed this but they did not comply - no bundle or witness statement supplied. They asked for more time and the Judge has refused and called a Case Management Hearing. I have supplied everything on time. How can I take best advantage of this situation - is a strike out request reasonable? Thanks for your help
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