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  1. Thanks very much. I may well need it in the future. In the same area I see people talking about a CCA? request. Could you enlighten me what this is and its purpose. Thanks
  2. Hi Folks Please pardon my ignorance but what is the purpose of an SAR in respect of payday loan problems. I see several people using them but I am unsure of what the reason and circumstance would be for such a request. I'm having dealings with some payday loan companies so would like to know. Thanks
  3. Thanks Very WearyThanks for the info on your approach to these companies. I will make a token payment as you suggest. I'm not particularly worried about dealing with them but was interested in how others had fared in a similar position. Your information is very helpful. Thank you
  4. Thanks Aviator. They are credit cards and personal loans. Will look into SAR
  5. Thanks for reply Scott. The plan was actually a personal one I set up myself using the tools available on CCCS. What I was wondering is if anyone has been in this situation before are creditors likely to allow breathing space for a few months. I have been paying it for a year now. I could off course as you suggest try and set up another plan with one of the free DMPs out there
  6. Hi. I have been paying a DMP for about a year now. I arranged this myself with my creditors - RBS, Tesco Bank and Sainsburys Bank. I have managed to keep up payments but it is very tight. Unfortunately I have an unexpected expenditure that means I will be unable to meet my DMP for 2-3 months. Anyone any experience on how to approach my creditors
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