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  1. Hi all, I have a problem and not sure what to do. My ex and I rented a house, we moved in about 7 years ago. We split the bills - I paid rent, council tax etc - he paid water, gas, electricity etc. He lost his job and became self employed and I remember we really struggled for money. I fell behind on the rent and council tax. We broke up but continued to live together until about 2 years ago when he moved out. He said he would continue to pay the water bill as I was struggling to pay the bills and so that was left in his name (so were the gas and electricity but they
  2. Hi all, I have an account with CAG already, but I've had to make a new one as I don't think my other user name wa anonymous enough. I have a problem with work and I'm not sure what to do. Around December last year I was at work and slipped on a wet floor, no warning signs or anything and there are no precautions taken to stop slipping. Anyhow, I slipped and was luckily caught by a collegue who managed to stop me banging against a door and doing some serious damage. I did however hurt my lower back. I submitted all the paperwork. About two weeks later I got an email from my mana
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