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  1. Hi Sailor Sam Fair comment...but therein lies the issue. No camera enforcement warnings signs, poor road markings, poorly spaced road signs, (un)intended restrictions for cyclists, wholesale inconsistencies in the use of road signs at other sites in Nottingham, inconsistent application of multiple PCNs...which is why I posted. There are so many irregularities with the tram gate, it is now a matter of principle. The Sheriff has a nice cash cow. Wish me luck Cooperm4n
  2. Hi Al27 I could have had four contraventions since I took some relatives along Goldsmith Street, from Peel Street, and back again. I have submitted a letter of representation and received a notice of rejection. I am now awaiting an appeal date...currently running around November...so forgive me if I don't post the letters (see Pepipoo below) I think my chances are 50:50 at the moment, but I have been trying to get a copy of any policy. I have had help from Pepipoo, where there is much debate. I've lived in Nottingham all my life too, tiredTraveller, and had no idea that there was a tramgate on Goldmine (sic) Street. Be warned, there is now an enforcement camera on Fletcher Gate...do not proceed into Carlton Street for George Street...you must turn right into Warser Gate...if you must, go left into Victoria Street, do a U turn and then go into Carlton Street, etc... This is currently a loop-hole, but I won't be exploiting it! Other ANPR cameras are planned for Milton Street, Parliament Street, Friar Lane...etc Cooperm4n
  3. Hi Shazzy777 I was wondering how your appeal against the second PCN panned out. I am have appealed over two contraventions...but I could quite easily had four, since like you I turned around and went back through the tram gate. Notts CC claim that they have a poilcy to avoid multiple PCNs being issued in quick succession. I have asked for a copy of this policy, without success. Cooperm4n
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