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  1. exactly no i wouldnt replace my tv after 2 years, I would expect it to last at least 5 years, thanks for the link i didnt know about these rights, you have been really really helpful, appreciate it. And yes am gonna make a claim on the insurance as i've been paying it for last 2 years, dont think theyve got a leg to stand on really now cos they have reinstated the policy. Thanks again
  2. what even if i have had the tv since april 2009? surely they wont repair it after this long? wont they class it as wear and tear? thanks
  3. thanks for the reply but i purchased the TV in April 2009 so i doubt they will repair it now as warranty has expired. As i say i have reinstated the insurance policy now so hopefully they should pay out for the repair.
  4. Hi everyone, i am looking for some advice. I took out TV insurance with currys called whateverhappens insurance in april 10 when i bought a 50 inch LG plasma tv. I decided to cancel the direct debit last month as i thought as i have paid it for 2 years i have paid out alot of money at £6.99 per month. And guess what? My TV decides to pack up on me 2 weeks after cancelling the direct debit. I have rang the insurance company and because i am within 28 days i can reinstate the policy. I havent yet mentioned the TV is broken. Will I still be covered as an ongoing policy as my policy has been
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