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  1. Whats odd with this one is they state my local court as Colchester, I live in Hampshire??? Thanks broken arrow for pointing that out much appreciated
  2. There is absolutely no way they could have sent it to my client (contract work address) as the company threatened them with liable to stop ringing for an employee they do not have. To be honest apart from numerous "Does this guy work for you" letters no other post was ever recieved at place of work
  3. I am typing from the SD now word for word, The Company mentioned is HFO Capital Ltd, On the second page of the SD in particulars of debt it states HFO Capital Ltd having bought the debt on 31st January 2008. As for letters I have never recieved letters to my home address from HFO just to my work address although technically it is not my work address as I am a contractor and they sent the threatening letters to my client (Whom I contract for) and also rang them for a continuous period of about 5 weeks solid even though they were told I am not an employee.
  4. I have not recieved one single letter from HFO Services at my address all I have had is threatening telephone calls to place of work. And a Stat Demand delivered to my door, no letters have ever come to my current address.
  5. According to the Stat demand HFO Capital Limited bought the debt on the 31st January 2008, off of HFO Cayman who bought the original debt on 14th June 2007 from Morgan Stanley. I stopped paying Morgan stanley in either December 2005 or Jan 2006 am trying to dig out some old paper work on this. The Stat Demand is from HFO Capital Limited Thanks again everyone
  6. Tel no for Northampton 0845 601 5935You need original claim form N1 and the judgement N24 I don't have either all i have is the case number for the CCJ at Northampton Court will this be enough sorry to be a pain
  7. Silly question but do i just phone the court or do i have to write to them bare in mind the deadlines. Also shall i phone Barclaycard now ...thanks
  8. Thank you for leaving a message, do you think 42 man will be able to help here or have i left it too late ? Thanks again
  9. One other quick note I have noticed is the address on the Stat Demand is acctually incorrect and although the Postcode is correct they have my address down wrong with wrong village. I get a lot of post for another person at my address and can only assume they get the same from me as often couriers will go to the other address when delivering to me. I'm not sure if this helps but trying to give as much background as possible.
  10. Ok I have a CCJ from Northampton Cout issued via HFO Services, The statute demand I have just recieved was hand delivered yesterday. I was unaware of the CCJ and never knew that this was even happening. I do not have a copy of the CCJ letter but do have a copy of the Stat Demand that was delivered. I can't scan till Monday but will post it up. (personal details removed) My question is that do I need to get the Stad Demand Set Aside first by filling out Forms 6.4 and the Affidavit 6.5 or do I write to Northampton court demanding what grounds the CCJ was issued and why I was not
  11. Hi everyone back in 2004 I took out a Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Credit card with a limit of £4000.00. I then went through a break up and could no longer afford the astronomical interest charges on the account and made the last payment to them (Morgan Stanley) in either late December 2004 or early 2005. I have heard absolutely nothing until about 5 months ago a company called HFO Services decided to start ringing me at work??? I did not take any calls from them and did not speak to them. A few weeks later letters started arriving and they threatened to take me to court CCJ. As my last co
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