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  1. this is what I get from the email......the justice system is so currupt " mcol@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly. " so now what, keep trying the Phone I guess it's still engaged???? I feel this is going to be more challenging than I first thought. CPR has just been sent though and i'll give James Bolton a call at lunch I hope I get through today
  2. Not as yet am trying to get the court bit sorted first, then i'll give BC a call. oh joy, all whilst trying to work lol
  3. Thanks I have just sent a full request via email, and am hoping someone from the Court will come back to me. I'll still keep trying the phone Just tried again and instead of being in a queue its constantly engaged is it always like this, as in make it impossible to get through to get things awarded easily!!!!
  4. Still trying to get through to the court the queue was massive this morning will try again in a few moments and keep trying i guess. Is there not an email address I could request this too or will they not provide answers by email?
  5. I'm about to send the drafted letter that Coledog put together for me see earlier posts this is the CPR that I am sending today. Is this the same CPR you mention 42man....and hello by the way, and thank you for helping me out
  6. Well I have just phoned the court and will have to phone back at 8.45, i'll post up details once i've spoken to them and got the relevant info as requested. I'll try Barclays now too.
  7. Who is the person named for contact on the SD? Is it the trainee(!) solicitor, spivvy stripey suit wearer James Bolton? Yes it is the spiv named above has he been on here before???Ok i'll correct my address and send CPR first thing tomorrow registered
  8. So if they do not provide anything on the CPR does that still mean they can enforce the SD? Right fingers crossed on this one
  9. Hi Coledog The SD says The demand is served on you by HFO Capital Limited Further down it says 'I am able to make this demand on the creditors behalf , Tunball Rutherford solicitors, Highland House, 165 The Broadway, Wimbledon, SW19 1NE. Should the CPR not go to who served the demand on me as on the SD .....sorry to make things confusing Actually on final page under section B it does say all communication to go to Tunball rutherford, my apologies
  10. This is my first time on here so how do I make a complaint to the OFT and am I best off treating each illegal activity as a seperate complaint or using my entire case against HFO as a single case. Like all you helpful people I too would like to see an end to these companies who mal administer the law to their benefit. Thank you everyone so far
  11. I don't have any records but I do know when I got together with my current partner and when my old bank account was closed. So going on this date I know it's impossible for me to have paid anything to Morgan Stanley since Jan 2005. I'll get as much out of Barclaycard as possible I guess I need to use my old address in order they ID me. Also just for clarification do I need to correct my address with HFO. Thanks In your honest opinions do you think with only 14 days HFO have won on this case?
  12. So to put this into perspective I need to do the following tomorrow. Ring the court and see: (1) The address the claim was sent to (2) When it was issued (3) The particulars of claim, if they'll tell you (4) The total amount of the claim. Request a copy of the claim form. I then need to ring Barclaycard and ask them the notice of assignment date to HFO Capital/Services Ltd and be specific on who they sold the debt too. Plus ask for a copy of the statement showing last payment made to the account. I also need to send HFO Capital Limited the CPR as per coledogs templa
  13. Am I setting aside the SD or the CCJ? I'll get the letter out tomorrow to HFO with corrected address I guess
  14. I'll speak to the court tomorrow and to Barclays in Office hours. Once I have the Court info and Barclays (Morgan Stanley) details will one of you help me fill out the Appeal forms for the SD 6.4 and Afidavit 6.5 Really good info so far and very much appreciated
  15. I will give that a go, All I know is when others have put in just the house name and the wrong village it gets returned to sender. Couriers that deliver to us nine out of ten times will go to the other village as the house also has the same name. They often have to phone and I have to direct them. The problem with living so rural I guess. A good indication of how hard my address is to find is Trust Online did not even recognise it and almost all prefill addresses on websites do not have it listed. When I first moved in both BT and Southern electric said my house did not exist on their sys
  16. I have just gone to Trust Online and the report shows no more details than I already have on the SD. It says the issuing Court is Northampton the ammount is for £8424.71 I guess this is the £8104.71 + Costs of £320 as indicated on SD. One obvious thing that has arisen is the address shown on the Judgment is completely wrong with only the House name and Post Code being correct. They have not put down the correct village, nor my road name and have even got the Town wrong? All I know is that if I sent a letter to the address as it is currently entered i'd probably not recieve it. I live
  17. Is the Case Number on the section listed under the Judgment on the SD not the claim number then? There is a number that starts 1QC53XXXX is this not the claim number? I'll try Trustonline shortly and see what that brings up. Thanks again everyone.
  18. How can it not be SB if I know that I paid in either Dec 2004 or Jan 2005???? Even Jan 2005 would be SB as Jan 2011 is six years and the CCJ was awarded in June this year 6 years and 5 months on??? Am I wrong in assuming it is statute barred then. I know for a fact I have not paid anything since this period 2004/2005 and definately no later than the January of 2005. Sorry but getting really concerned again
  19. I have just been googling about and apparently HFO have been known to take unenforceable debt to a CCJ as in my case and then they have an unenforceable debt e.g. Statute Barred made enfoceable I think this is what they are trying to do to me. So are you saying now they have the CCJ there is no reason they would or should have issued me a Satutory Demand notice? I'm starting to smell a rat here myself but either way is I have a Statutory demand being made against me
  20. I don't have that paperwork as it was of poor quality and at the time I thought it was HFO trying it on again the documents were poor quality photocopied blue documents and had a really poor Northampton court stamp on them. As I said in a previous quote I am not sure if the letter was from the Court or from HFO either way I binned it. From memory the figure on the CCJ I believe was the same (around £8000) I guess i'll have to speak to the court on Monday and start digging up some info. thanks again
  21. OMG I am so confused now I thought that the Statute Barred came once CCJ had been awarded as a normality and next stage as I have no intention in paying off the Statute Barred debt the CCJ was awarded too. Are you saying that their is no reason for them too go the Statute Barred route if they already have a CCJ against me. I'm concious of time and don't want these HFO cretins to use a loophole in law to win more than double the original debt which is statute barred anyway??? Sorry but am getting really worried now
  22. Yes they have a judgement against me but i could not defend it as I knew nothing about it until i got a letter from Northampton court stating a Judgement had been made against me. Either way the judgement has been made on a debt over 6 years old so i'm unsure as to firstly how the judgement was granted and secondly how a juddgment could be made against me with no prior warning letters from the court ever being sent to me? I'm pretty sure the letter was from the court but it may have been from HFO it was so badly photocopied i filed it in the bin as from what I could see at the time the d
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