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  1. Hi DB I'll do just that... May I ask why he'd rather talk about default date as oppose to last payment date
  2. No not yet but I will. Ok when I speak to bolton I need to do the following: 1. Tell him i'm setting aside both SD and CCJ 2. Ask him for details of the Credit Agreement over phone 3. Ask him for date of supposed last payment to account Do I mention the CPR request sent to them yesterday? Have I missed anything
  3. Gordon from Barclays has now called back and said I need to write to Barclaycard house, PO Box 9952, Northampton, NN4 1ZY requesting the Agreement and any info on the account. I'm worried that i do not have enough time for them to get this info back and i'm now going to be railroaded threough with a SD Any other advice that i need to do?
  4. So can i complete my forms as yet? My clock is counting down and I could lose everything if they get this SD awarded
  5. I am off on Friday the 23rd so will make sure I go to court then to swear the papers in. So am I able with the information so far to fill out form 6.4 and 6.5(Afidavit) ? Thanks
  6. Yes they said they will send the papers at £5 each so £10 total I should recieve them shortly
  7. Ok good news after 45 mins I got through to the court. Details as follows : 1. They have indeed sent out the details to the wrong address and have now updated their system 2. IT was issued on the 2nd June 2011 3. Total ammount including costs was £8424.71 (They have claimed 17.5% / annum since assigning the debt) 4. No particulars provided, a note said particulars were to come. So where do I stand now still nothing from Barclays
  8. So I guess I wait for Gordon to come back then? What else do I need to do now, I'm still trying the court. I have emailed again but think this will bounce back. Shall I put my email into a letter and send next day delivery?
  9. No I have sent 8 emails all of which bounce back saying their email mailbox is full. I've been at work and it is very hard for me to stay on the phone on hold longer than 20-30 mins a go. Most of the time i have been getting engaged, or put in a queue and had to ring off after half an hour due to work. I'll send a letter tomorrow recorded as at least if i do not get through i'll have some kind of defence. I'll keep trying tomorrow but they are only open 8:45-17:00 It's almost like they want you to not get hold of them.
  10. It is impossible for me to have paid them after January 2005 as I closed the account that my direct debit came from for this. I'm confident that Gordon would put it into writing as he did not seem phased that HFO used dodgy practice and seemed unusually helpful.
  11. "3.3 The Claimant company did not hold a Consumer Credit Licence with the Office of Fair Trading until 26th March 2008 as required by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 to take part in licensable activities. Any activities carried out prior to this date such as debt collection would give rise to a criminal offence pursuant to s39 Consumer Credit Act 1974." Just read this from another post about HFO Capital Limited, if this is true they clearly state taking on my account on the 31 January 2008 surely this has them hook line and sinker!!!
  12. Just a thought going on what Gordon from Barclays told me. Is it possible that when Barclays sold on the debt the y literally sold eveything as in the information paperwork etc and that Barclays really do not have anything anymore? If thats the case surely i'm stuffed???
  13. Right the update, gordon from Barclays (Ihave to say very very helpful) managed to find the account had indeed been passed on to HFO Capital. He could not at this stage give ammounts, dates or when last payment had been made as in his own words the information is just not there. He said he'll do some more digging and that I need to contact HFO Capital for the details. I said I wanted the original details from Barclays as HFO Capital have been known to fraudulently cunjour up documents. His reply was it is very unlikely and the only thing he may be able to provide is the original agreemen
  14. Ok I have phoned the directors office he has checked and has no matches at all under my name or postcode, the guy I spoke to was Gordon. He has one final system he needs to check but said it was unlikely to be on there, he will call me back in about 5 mins lets see if they find the details
  15. Ok what do I do then I take it I have to try and get Barclays to find this. What is a s78 request? I've just sent today a CPR is this not the info i'm after?
  16. But both Mogan stanley Numbers have confirmed no details of me or postcode on their system and they no longer hold details, but instead to contact Barclays. Both Barclays numbers have said nothing under my name or postcode. So without any of this info I have no evidence to stop HFO??? It's not my day on this one
  17. Morgan stanley do not have any details at all, they gave me another Barclays number 0844 811 9111 and they too have confirmed a zero result on my name and postcode. where now???? How will HFO know if the banks don't even know???
  18. absolutely yes, her exact words were "We assigned ALL Morgan stanley accounts with Barclays numbers starting 4929 or 5301 and that I was definately not on the system.
  19. Ok massive panick now....I phoned Barclays on the 0844 556 0066 and the lady took down my first name and surname along with Postcode that I used to live at when I took out the card. they have no record of my name or my postcode on their system, she said there is nothing she can do as no such account under a Mr XXXXXX XXXXX exists and the postcode shows nothing either??? Am I in serious trouble now as I cannot defend something with no details???? HELP!!!!
  20. I've just been reading other posts and am interested in the posted vs personally delivered methods. Mine was posted through my front door with nobody in (As at work) does this count as personally delivered? Anyhow still engaged and emails still bouncing back, it's not looking good for me
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