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  1. Nothing lol But nothing surprises me. by the way how long has Spivvy been training now?
  2. Not going to go into detail now untill my setaside hearing has been (This week) but i am taking them on recreated evidence and a debt that was never owned. Yes CPR was sent and details recieved. Once i've had my case i'll post ALL details up Am very confident on this one
  3. Ok Guys I have a Court case this week with TR and good old Spivvy. Are you saying that he will not be there or turn up??? Is TR no more or will Spiv be wearing a Quarterdeck hat ???? Am about to go for a setaside on my case and I have proof of recreated docs i'll mail proof after my case, but it is solid evidence they do edit docs to suit. Once i've had my case i'll send everything on to Polly Ashford.
  4. Ahhh ok well definately not recieved anything and i know the court has my correct address as the adjouned hearing was sent to my address which i attended. Plus I rang the court services and updated my details a few months ago. I'm going to have to go for setaside again so am looking at Stat Barred Debt, The account has never been owned by Barclays so how could Barclays have sold it when they have put in writing they did not own it, also the fact HFO were without a valid CCL when they purchased the debt. Do you think this is good enough grounds
  5. Sorry guys i'm getting really confused now I have had NOTHING from the court all I have had since the 8th Setaside hearing is this new Claim form ??? What is this Order??? I have not got through to the court yet but am going to try on Tuesday as on the road all day Monday and could not get through yesterday as the queue was really long and i was at work
  6. Ok the letter reads as follows: Dear Mr XXXX Further to the Order of the 8th November 2011, we enclose the Claim Form and attached Particulars of Claim, together with a Response Pack detailing your options. The witness statement in response to your application to set aside is also enclosed and we look forward to your response within the prescribed timeframe. Yours sincerely TR
  7. Hi Guys the claim form was the exact same as the original claim form but sent to Winchester Court instead. So basically the Judge ordered the Statute Demand be set aside and the CCJ be removed. The claim form sent through whilst i was on honeymoon was the exact same as the one i never recieved on the original CCJ. I am going to set this aside and mention the fact that no CCL was in place plus the fact that Barclays have no acknowledgement of the debt nor have they EVER owned it. I'm confident on these grounds that I can get this set aside, however I need to put a stop t
  8. I'll try and get a copy of the letter up shortly it is literally a paragraph in length and is just a covering letter stating that they were making a claim. The documents within it included an application with my signature on it and various statements. It also showed the assignment of debt from Barclaycard to HFO Capital and then HFO Capital to HFO Services. When HFO Services took on the debt they did not hold a CCL, also I have a letter from Barclays saying Barclaycard/Barclays have never owned this debt. So if thats the case how did HFO get it from Barclays????
  9. I shall try and get hold of the court tomorrow as like you i too smell a rat here and it definately does not sound right. When I was in court the judge asked me if I had the original copy of the claim form. I did not and only had a part copy. The judge allowed me to have a read through the copy TR had and said we could then continue in 15 minutes or so once i had time to read the full claim form. From this the judge then proceded to set aside my Statutary Demand and said based on the information the CCJ should also be removed immediately. My understanding was that TR would then have
  10. No nothing from the court. My recollection of the Set aside was that the set aside was for the Statute Demand and that the judge at the same time ordered the removal of the original CCJ.
  11. Hi Patrick I've only just had the CCJ overturned and this is a new one for the same supposed debt??? Yes In the claim form it is in black and white that HFO purchased the debt from Barclaycard. So i guess this is good
  12. Thanks Patrick I have already got the OFT involved on this case i'll definately get the FOS in as well. As for the SAR can you give me more details on this please as I have already made a request to Barclays and they have written back stating they never owned my debt and have no records of it. Thanks
  13. Well here we go again. Since my last post I got Married and in that time recieved a letter from Turnball Rutherford which happend to be a Claim Form. Unfortunately after the wedding and the Honey Moon I did not get a chance to really concentrate on my mail and have recieved a letter today dated 14th December from my local county court stating I now have a new judgment made against me. Now I can go back with the N244 form however a couple of things concern me. Firstly before they go down the claim form route do they not have to write to me first stating there is a debt??? Also
  14. Well I have recieved a whole load of new paper work from them according to my other half. I guess i'll see when I get back home. Interesting though I just checked them out on company's house and on company check http://companycheck.co.uk/company/05717402 they sound more like a one man band no wonder they use students (erm trainee spivs). HFO is even better check out these figures http://companycheck.co.uk/company/05120067 these figures to me look more like a one/two man band outfit. Not the corporate empire they appear to give their unsuspecting victims. Just out of interest t
  15. I will do that this weekend guys and gals and am now preparing myself for the next letter and court action from them. I'll keep you all updated especially with the OFT. thanks
  16. Hi everyone I ended up at court and saw mr Bolton in person. Stat demand was set aside and ccj has been removed. So thank you to everyone on here for helping. I do know that TR will be on the case again as he did say to me afterwards your not going to give up without a fight are you. I'll post up the next steps when they arrive. He did gloat though about having my debt 2 months prior to obtaining their CCL and said although it is a criminal offence I am not the OFT and under a certain section on the CCA only the OFT can act on this. Basically he says it means nothing
  17. Hi BA anyone would think you are trying to shut these bugg£rs down hehehe!!! No I shall indeed complain. I am concentrating on the Setasidebut my question is how can the British Justice System be so wrong in allowing a company with no Credit Licence to take people to court and win judgements against them. Yet knowingly (I assume they know by now with all the posts on the internet about HFO) they do not prosecute HFO for undertaking a known Criminal Offence???? It's mad!!!
  18. I have in Black and white an assignment letter from HFO Capital Limited assignment date of 31st January 2008. This was sent with the CPR request to TR So technically they have conducted a criminal offence then under s39 Consumer Credit Act 1974. I think I will mention this to a certain Spiv
  19. Hi guys and Girls just a quick question When did HFO Capital actually get their Consumer Credit Licence as I have a date of 26th March 2008 can someone confirm this please as I need to 100% know. Thanks
  20. Hi BA I was told in a previous post NOT to tell James Bolton why i'm setting aside but to inform him I will be setting aside. Can someone clarify what I need to do please as I do not want to give them (TR) too much info thanks
  21. Hi Donkey B it was stuffed through my letterbox so definately not personally delivered i'll delete that bit just to save confusion but am i not right on this point?
  22. Hi 42 I certainly did. And they were helpful thank you. My grounds for the SD are I did not recieve the paperwork due to wrong address on TR's part I did not defend the claim due to being unaware of it And I did not recieve the SD personally as in Hand delivered to my self. I have booked off Friday to go and swear everything into the courts. Is it worth mentioning at this point that HFO did not have a valid CCL in January 2008???
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