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  1. Hi all does anyone in here know when HFO Cayman obtained its CCL? I am wondering why they have suddenly changed the date of assignment of my debt from June 2007 to May 2007. something does not sound right here as all paper work points to June date and at the last minute Mr Bolton (Hello Bart) changed witness statement to the May instead. Also how legal is it for a Witness Statement that clearly shows a purchase of debts with signatures to then be substituted for another purchase from different company e.g. Barclays with official Barclays signature, and then Morgan stanley with MS signatures. It makes me think they have a copy of ALL signatures from eacj of the big financial institutions and just append these as and when necessary yet the judge could see nothing wrong with this.......don't worry i still got my set aside.

  2. Well as far as i'm aware MS nolonger exist so how is anybody supposed to request anything??? Also as pointed out if Barclays really were not involved with my account then why mention HFO???


    So what is a 31:17 as I have 14 days (Not working days) to comply and know for a fact that it will take longer to obtain any correspondance from MS.


    Wunder who turned up at your hearing really need to know as I smell a rat?

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