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  1. Ok update everyone....I got a notice of discontinuance this morning hmmmmm ok thanks guys and girls your help has been greatly appreciated
  2. I will write to Goldfish Receivables tomorrow and request the information do you know if they have a number as nothing in Google ?? Thanks
  3. Does anybody on here have a copy of a Morgan Stanley Card -Confirmation Form, I need to compare it with one that TR have sent me. Am I right in saying the Interest rates on the Confirmation should talley up with the ones on the statements e.g. purchases , cash , transfers etc....
  4. How do i get this as MS point you to Barclays and Barclays have written to me my debt was sold pre Barclays takeover and they never owned it???
  5. Hi Broken Arrow mine are identical dates and the 14th May 2007 is scribbled out and says the 24th of May 2007. My NoA is also the 14th June 2007 snap... So i take it mine was bought with yours
  6. Hi Donkey yes that is correct strange they have bought the sale date forward a month. You have mail btw am nervous now as not looking good
  7. Ok it just seems strange they are making a huge thing about bringing the sale date forward. The Morgan Stanley sale does not even have a date on the paperwork which I find bizarre.
  8. Hi all does anyone in here know when HFO Cayman obtained its CCL? I am wondering why they have suddenly changed the date of assignment of my debt from June 2007 to May 2007. something does not sound right here as all paper work points to June date and at the last minute Mr Bolton (Hello Bart) changed witness statement to the May instead. Also how legal is it for a Witness Statement that clearly shows a purchase of debts with signatures to then be substituted for another purchase from different company e.g. Barclays with official Barclays signature, and then Morgan stanley with MS signatures. I
  9. Well as far as i'm aware MS nolonger exist so how is anybody supposed to request anything??? Also as pointed out if Barclays really were not involved with my account then why mention HFO??? So what is a 31:17 as I have 14 days (Not working days) to comply and know for a fact that it will take longer to obtain any correspondance from MS. Wunder who turned up at your hearing really need to know as I smell a rat?
  10. Wunder are you sure you are not me as I have just had a court hearing and the judge said exactly word for word what you have said. My hearing was same time too. basically i have to prove i never made the payments on doctored statements
  11. Guys am on the OFT website on CCA search am i right that HFO Services should be on this search if so why can't i find them? http://www2.crw.gov.uk/pr/default.aspx
  12. Donkey you have mail Ok define forgery. Would tailored to suit a case be classed as forgery in the eyes of the law then yes, as in untampered and a true copy then not so.
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