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  1. It was marked as BB, but never as default. I have never had any default notice sent to me, but as I said in the original post I was totally unaware of what was going on at the time. The Mortgage company did not have my address when I moved away from the area, the reason being, they supplied the address I first moved into when I walked out to my ex wife, which caused a lot of problems for me. I had to call the police 4 times to get my ex wife to stop her threatening behaviour. So it is possible she had a default notice. As I also said previously, as soon as I found out I was in immedi
  2. Hi, and thanks for the response. I fully understand what you are saying. However, shouldn't the account have been marked as Default at the time of default, Not just in the last month?
  3. Hi All, I have recently looked at Noddle and found a default has appeared on my file. This is in relation to a mortgage with The One Account. In brief, I was unaware that my ex wife had moved out of our house after I divorced her. By the time I found out and contacted the mortgage company, they told me she had requested a voluntary repossession, and I had no option but to agree. After trying a few things, I had no choice. I then came to an agreement with them in my name only to pay off the shortfall. I have met these payments without fail every month. However the last 2 m
  4. I have a default which should have dropped off on 15/03/2014. Experian were on the ball and its dissapeared. However its still on equifax despite ringing them 4 times this week and them telling me they were onto it. Is there anyway i can be a bit more forceful??
  5. That was a finance manager at a car dealer that told me. I have a default due to drop off in 12 days and was asking about finance with him to establish my possiblity of acceptance
  6. Can I just ask a question about defaults. When they are removed after 6 years, regardless of being settled or not, can a potential lender still see them when they credit check you. I have been told they can, which makes the whole thing a bit pointless!! Many thanks
  7. stu997

    csa issue

    So, I wrote a letter to the CSA and have not heard a thing. I then contacted HMRC, who have confirmed again that Child Benefit should have stopped the Monday after my Daughter started working over 24 hours a week. I asked if this was the case as the hours my daughter's working, are only up till christmas. She will then revert back to her normal less than 24 hours a week unless she gets overtime. They told me that Child Benefit should have stopped, soon as she worked over 24 hours. I cannot find out anything in regard to their investigation so I have to sit and wait in hope it all gets so
  8. I will have a chat with my solicitor tomorrow to see what she thinks. The default cost form does what exactly?
  9. I have an assessment of the costs already done by a costs draughtsman. That lays out the exact costs due to me for the divorce. This amount is in line with a standard divorce so I know it is right. I have not got any exisitng claim ongoing, nor have I tried to enforce any amount to be paid as yet. I can get my solicitor to write umpteen letters to her which she will just ignore. This will just rack up more costs for me, on top of already spiralling costs which I can ill afford. The only way to get this woman to acknowledge anything is to do the correct thing. I have not spoken to her since
  10. Thanks again!! I have found the invoice where my file was costed by a "costs draughtsman" so I have the precise figure now!!
  11. Have just spoken to the County Court that dealt with my divorce. They have informed me that they do not enforce costs so writing such a letter serves no purpose. I guess MCOL is the only option?? If so, should I write a letter to my ex wife first, stating the amount she owes me and give her the option of making an offer of settlement beforehand. I don't expect her to even respond to any letter I send so it will just be a paper exercise to show the court I have made the effort. Is there anything else I should do before using MCOL?
  12. Many thanks, I will get on with costing the exact amount she owes and hopefully get a letter sent early next week. If I have any more queries I will post them on here. Once again thanks for your help.
  13. So I can write to the court using this letter format first? I dont understand the D11 form and the copy marriage certificate part. I presume the copy is the amount I paid to obtain the marriage certificate. Can you please clarify.
  14. If its not possible to get this sort of advice here can somebody direct me to where I can. Many thanks
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