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  1. mariner51 and Steve__M - thank you very much for taking the time to help. The brilliant news is the landlord's agents have accepted the one full month notice we requested. They interpreted it as Steve__M's done. Funnily enough, my employers have a telephone legal helpline, and when I explained things to them they were on the point of view of mariner_51! Even better, we asked the landlord's agents if we could stay a couple of days extra, until the 29th October, as the weekend better suited both the company they use to do the checkout and us (for moving the day before). I explained would obviously pay the extra two days rent, and they've pointed out we'd only pay them one extra day. = I'm totally impressed! New (first) baby, new home!
  2. ...Well, important for my partner and I! Just want to declare I've tried Googling this but get conflicting information, so thought would register and ask you kind people. Our aim: To commence renting a new property we've found to replace our current rented property (which has different agents) as soon as possible. My hope is we're able to send notice by registered post immediately, to quit our present property on or after 28 October, without any penalties or repercussions. You'll see below why I haven't put an earlier quit date. By the way, when I search this query the results are generally information to assist tenants who want to stay where they are, which is kind of the opposite! Information: Our current six-month Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) commenced 29 September last year. So it expired 28 March this year. When we signed this AST we also signed the notice that possession would be required by the landlord or his agents on 28 March this year. Obviously they haven't let us know any further intent to execute this possession yet and we haven't entered into any new agreement with them. So all would seem good... The possible problem: ...However, the AST we signed includes this clause: "The Tenant agrees with the Landlord to give the Landlord at least two months' notice in writing when the Tenant wishes to end the Tenancy at the expiration of the term certain or to terminate the tenancy if the Tenancy has continued as a Periodic Tenancy. Should the tenant provide less than two months' notice the Landlord reserves the right to charge the full rent for the notice period required." Not sure about the apostrophes there To be fair though, the AST also includes the same sort of clause requiring the landlord to give us two months notice should he want to give us the boot. The questions: 1. Is the two months notice noted above something we have to adhere to, i.e. is this legal? I appreciate we signed it. 2. Or am I even not understanding things correctly, and perhaps it doesn't apply? 3. Actually, we'd prefer to commence the new property about a month from now, but is it true 9 October-ish wouldn't be acceptable notice for my present letting agents as the quit date, as the quit date has to be the end of a full month of tenancy? I.e. is it true that the cost of rent doesn't have to be accepted pro rata by the agents where the tenant gives a quit date before the end of his month's agreement? More info: My partner's pregnant and we need to move from our one bedroom cupboard to a two bedroom home. I hadn't checked the agreement we signed recently, which is my fault of course, so today paid the new letting agency our agency fees, with a provisional agreement of commencing tenancy in about a month. Obviously, if we're stuck we'll have to ask the new agents if they'll consider waiting a bit longer. And of course I can phone the present agents first to see if they'll accept notice to quit of one month. Though I don't see why they would. Also, we live in Wales, if that matters. And the bond, held by the Deposit Protection Service, is equal to one month of rent. PS: I've tried to write this to make things as easy as possible to answer for anyone kind enough to help. PPS: Welcome to the forums, me?
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