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  1. Not sure if that was meant to be a question or statement? If this is a question, then I'd say that money could have either been earning me interest in some other account, or I wouldn't have had to pay the bank so much interest on any over draught. What I'm not sure about is whether 8% is right be used or should it be higher or lower, as a lot of saving accounts seem to be around 4% at the moment. Anyone any thoughts on this? Thanks, Neil.
  2. Short answer is yes you can. Best read through the FAQ to understand what you're undertaking if you go ahead, then you won't make the mistake as I did of asking a wuestion that was already answered there
  3. The final 10 letters came which contained the rest of the statements. I've worked out they owe me £830.50 in charges. The template letter talks of adding interest on. Using the spreadsheet it adds up to another £161.56 on top, but that is at the 8% the spreedsheet is set for. There seems to be different opinions for claiming interest at this point? I'm wondering if 8% is the right figure as the bank interest rate changes over the 6 years I'm claiming back? And if I add on the 8% now, is there anything else to add on if (when) it goes to court? By the way some people might find
  4. Arrived home from a few days away to find 30 letter from the HSBC, giving account details fro March 2000 to Dec 2003. Guess the rest will arrive this coming week
  5. Got a lettter from Alan Pretty yesterday. Don't have a scanner yet, but this is the text: Dear xxxx Thank you for your letter dated 8 March 2006 with regard to information about transactions and charges on your account. We will forward to you copies of statements covering the period in question. These will begin to arrive in seperate batches and will be with you shortly. We are happy to waive any fees for the production of this information (and we returned your payment/have credited your account with the cash payment enclosed with your request) Although many of our systems ar
  6. This is a security issue, but not with a bank, so apologise if not appropriate. Recently I sold some shares (we got them when Friends Provident went public some years back) and had a letter from the company selling the shares, as expected detaling the value etc. What amazed me, and I did phone and complain but it was on a saturday and no one knew what do to, was that in the envelope were the details of another persons share dealings - worth a lot lot more than my mere £200.00!! This was a couple of months back now. I'm just concerned that my details could have been sent elsewhere too.
  7. This thread is interesting. I'm waiting for my DPA request to be actioned by HSBC. My branch manger phoned me up yesterday as I requested him to via the helpdesk, so I could ask what was happening about my request as the £10.00 has not yet been deducted from my account. He said that doesn't matter, as your request is under way and the money will be taken out later? He also said there was now a special division the bank has started to deal with all the requests they are now getting due to the publicity. I asked if I could actually get through to anyone in the dept and he said yes - just ask
  8. How does this now work with pewople on long term contracts? I've been at one company fo over a year now. I've had time off, but not paid. Are you saying I'm entitled to paid holiday as a contractor? Thanks, Neil.
  9. I'm not into legal stuff, but I thought you could only lose you home if you had something like a mortgage secured against it. Surely bank charges can't be held against your home? Did you maybe have a secured loan against your home? Neil.
  10. Hi, I've been wondering about some posts I've read that seem to imply there is a difference between what is lawful and what is illegal. Can someone explain what the difference is, or have I just mis-understood things? In a web dictionary unlawful is given as: Adj. 1. unlawful - not conforming to legality, moral law, or social convention; "an unconventional marriage"; "improper banking practices" improper, unconventional irregular - contrary to rule or accepted order or general practice; "irregular hiring practices" unlawful adj. referring to any action which is in violation
  11. There is another thread about this but, in regard to the 08457 or 0870 numbers the following web site helps reduce their costs, by providing alternative numbers. Some are actually 0800 and some are the real actual phone number of where the office is. As we have BT option 3 where all calls except the 0870 / 0845 type are included in our bill it saves us quite a bit http://www.saynoto0870.co.uk/ Neil.
  12. HSBC finally replied - got the letter last Saturday. As others here have mentioned it said "I enclose a copy of our leaflet which explains how these matters are dealt with.". But again there was no leaflet enclosed. Maybe they are trying to save on costs, as they realise no one here pays much attention to the leaflet anyway Well, they have until the 24th April to provide the info. Neil.
  13. I came via Martin Lewis' http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/ newletter. As noted in other threads have requested DPA from HSBC and now wating for them to repsond. Neil
  14. I expect many people here have already seen the Motely Fool site, but it has a list of bank accounts and the various deals they offer: http://www.fool.co.uk/decisioncentre/banking/bestbuys.aspx?NavLoc=TN&NavTo=banking&NavFrom=home From what is said the alliance and leicester account looks good? Neil.
  15. Hi, Have just got a reply from the HSBC regarding my DPA request and it has led me to thinking about my mortage (not with them). I have a two year low fixed rate with a penalty clause of six months interest if I want to pay the mortgage off early or change to another lender. As this is phrased as a penalty, is that also "unlawful" in the same way that bank charges are? For if I redeemed the mortgage early it certaintly would not cost them six months interest to sort things out, but they would obviously loss the interest I would have been paying them? Was wondering if I could cha
  16. Apologies for that. Quite right it is in the FAQ pages. Anyway, have now just adjusted and posted the letter asking for the charges to be sent to me. Shall see how quick they respond and then how quick they repsond to the request for them to be refunded. Neil.
  17. I'm just preparing the letter to ask for details of the charges incurred from the HSBC. Just am a bit unsure as to what date to apply back to? I first opened an account with the Midland Bank in 1975 (crazy to still be with them after all this time!), which were taken over by HSBC. Got married in 1981, so was wondering if 1975 was too far back is 1981 okay, or is that still too far back? Some where here I read about 7 or 8 years back? Don't want to claim for any outrageouos time period that might make the claim more easiy for them to fight or harder for me to win. Maybe from when the
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