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  1. Did you have a letter or was it over the phone, agreeing the payment holiday? Neil.
  2. Probably to cover as wide as possible any circumstances, so you can't wriggle round the agreement, so you think you have to keep everything quiet and not reveal a little bit here and there, which eventually gives the whole thing away. I've not had an offer yet, still at the first letter sent stage. I hope when I get an offer, if it contains any confidentiality agreement, I'll remember to ask for specific terms and that it's worthwhile signing, ie that they offer me a lot more than the amount I'm actually claiming, otherwise what's the point? The fact that they are trying to keep things
  3. My curisoity finally got the better of me, so I called the bank and asked them what my current overdraft limit was. I was told, then I immediately asked what's my unadvised limit? The line when quiet for a few seconds, then he said, "well, it's your unadvised limit". So I said okay but what actually is the figure? He chuckled and said, "well, it's unadvised, so I'm not able to tell you". I think he could see where I was going and saw the humour of the situation. He said he'd ask for more information if I wanted, which I did. After quite a few minutes he came abck and basically said the
  4. If you have interent banking set up with HSBC you can indeed get them all on-line for the past 6 years. Doesn't go back any further than that, but that is enough. Once you get to where you see the current transactions for an account on the left hand side you should see a "My Statements" link. Click on that to show them. You need to select the one you want to look at, then click on continue to display it. You can print it or save it to your hard drive for later viewing. You won't see any menu to choose from, but to save it try "Ctrl + S". Works in Firefox and should work in IE as well.
  5. Guess one question is would you be able to attend a small claims court in the UK, if it got that far? Or at least have somone willing to take your place, if that's allowed? Neil.
  6. I think circuit is taking the right line. As he's apparently signed a confidentiality agreement he must be honourable and keep the confidence. It could backfire badly on him if he broke the agreement, as they could find out who circuit really is and then he could be in trouble and so could this group, if only by association. I know it seems frustrating, but surely we must keep things within the law ourselves. This is of course only my opinion and not that of the group. Neil.
  7. nickmack is right you cannot claim back overdraft arrangement fees. Neil.
  8. Hi circuit, I'm no lawyer, but I'd have thought a confidentiality agreeent should say what you're supposed to keep confidential and also outline or detail the penalties. For example, I'd expect if it was to do with the amount you received, it would say maybe that if you revealed the amount you'd have to give some or all, of it back? Surely it can't just be a blanket agreement that you're not allowed to discuss any of your dealing with the bank again in public? Neil.
  9. Hi Sarah, Read through the FAQ. Most of the information you'll need is in there I'm sure you can do a DPA request for the one £10.00 fee for all accounts held by the one bank. Neil.
  10. I'm wondering if we accept a full refund will that only apply to past charges and that if they still give new charges we can still claim them back and the bank account not be able to turn that full acceptance back on us saying we accepted a full refund and am not entitled to any more? I don't think they should be able to do that, but the thought just crossed my mind and thought I'd ask those with more legal minds their thoughts? Thanks, Neil.
  11. Hi - I've removed some of the "the" and "a"s and other small words to reduce the number of words. Whether this will reduce the total number of lines not sure, but the meaning is still the same? It was 194 words, 1070 characters and is now 174 words and 996 characters Neil.
  12. Over the weekend we were clearing out the study and going through stuff that hadn't been looked at in years and found bank statements back to early 1980s. Had a quick look at some and saw there were some charges applied. If i've got the statements that show charges does this mean I could make a claim and still do it in the small claims court? I'm already making a claim for the last 6 years.
  13. So far as the £10.00 DPA fee, you may find that the bank don't take it or will refund it themselves without you having to claim it back. I never included any DPA payment with my letter and then a week or so later I got a letter from the bank saying they were refunding my DPA fee and would send the DPA information soon (which they did - came in two seperate lots of post). Neil.
  14. I'd send the DPA request. I know it delays things, but as you say it does add that bit of extra professionalism to it all. Others here may disagree though. Neil
  15. I didn't realise that. Sorry for mis-informing you. You may get the letter I got after my DPA request, which said they would refund the £10.00. I hadn't actually paid it anyway and was waiting for them to take it from my bank account. Neil.
  16. I'm sure you can't reclaim this back, as you're asking them to perform a specific service for you. Neil.
  17. Dave - apprecaite your thoughts - I did go and read again the FAQs - I should have said that in the end I didn't include any interest, just the figure for the actual charges. Will add the 8% if it ends up in court. Neil.
  18. Just back from the Post Office sending my "Preliminary approach for repayment" recorded delivery, addressed to my local branch manager. Used the template letter. Now to wait and see what happens in the next 14 days. Neil.
  19. It's really up to you whether you think it's worth it. It's your money they've taken. Do you want it back? Only you can decide that. As for getting the cost back, yes, you should be able to claim it back if it goes to court and you win. Suggest a good read of the FAQ: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=5 This is a serious undertaking, but it's not difficult. You just need to decide if you think the effort is worth it. I don't mean to put you off, but no one can make your mind up. As for me, I'd go ahead. Neil.
  20. Use recorded delivery. You can then check on-line to see that it has been delivered. Doesn't cost much more than a normal stamp. Well, I suppose in relative terms it's about 4 times the cost? The only inconvenience is that you have to go into a post office to do it. Can't just drop it in a post box. But, it is worth it. Neil.
  21. Just remeber the "they" are not the people you speak to on the phone They are just doing thier job -they need money to support themselves and thier families. If anything the "they" are the people at the top who you'll probably never get to speak to. Neil.
  22. I sent my DPA request to my branch manager at my local branch address (the one on my cheque books) and got a reply. The reply was not from my local manager, but the letter had obviously been forwarded on. If you're not sure who your branch manager is, you can call up customer services (use the local number - 01226 261010 - not the 08457 one) and ask them who he/she is. Another reason for using the local branch is that if it gets to court you can then apply to the court near you rather than one miles away where the banks head office is. Neil.
  23. Despite english being my first (only) language, clarity is not always there If was not a four week gap between the parts being supplied, but approx four weeks since sending the DPA letter before the first lot arrived and then a week later the second batch arrived. It might be worth phoning them up, at least they'll be reminded then? As mentioned in the thread I started, I did get a letter from the bank saying the DPA stuff was on it's way. Did you get such a letter? Neil.
  24. I've just recieved all my DPA info. It did come in two stages. Last week I had 30 envelopes and yesterday another 10 which gave me the complete 6 years worth. They used the standard A5, not the A4 that some poeple have mentioned. Two weeks back I called up customer servcies to ask why I hadn't had anyrthing yet and it is since then that they all came through. Whilst on the phone to them they mentoned that HSBC has now set up a special dept to deal with DPA as they are getting so many requests now. Supposedly you just call customer services, select option 2 which is the one for compla
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