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  1. What court money would that be? If it's just the small claim court, say of around £100 once I've got my money back from my bank (should be soon) I'll give it a go. I've got bank statements back to somewhere in the 1980s. Been with the same bank since my first job, over 30 yeas ago. Haven't looked at them in details, so don't know how many charges were levied back then. Neil.
  2. Hi Rachie, Didn't mean to worry you - you have little to loose by going ahead. Main thing is your time, a few envelopes and recorded delivery costs, and if it gets that far the small claims court costs. These are set, so you can't get unexpected bills at the end of the process. If you win, which you will, you'll get the court costs back. In the outside chance that the bank defend and you loose it would cost around £100 (I think) as you're after over £3000 in your claim. This money has to be paid up front when you submit the claim. There are exceptions if you're on benefits.
  3. My understanding is that it does not matter that the account is now closed. Presume you still have the account details? Without those you will struggle. Follow the steps by step guide in the FAQs. Plus read all other threads in the FAQs - it will take a bit of time, but worth while, so you fully understand the process. Neil.
  4. If you want to work it out you can claim the interest the bank charges you for the charges themselves. Most people haven't bothered, as it is usually only a small amount. As for any word of caution, just make sure you've read the FAQs and know the seriousness of what you're starting. All should go well, but there is on absolute guarentee all will work. so far it has, but things can always change. Neil.
  5. Maybe the mods could get the FAQ put to the top of the list, so that when you first access the forums it is there right at the top? And then add the step-by-step guide to the toip of the FAQ forum? Just a thought? Neil.
  6. I only see a print screen button when looking at the latest statement. When I go to see the previous statments using the "My Statements" link I don't see the print button. If you don't either you can still print by pressing Ctrl + P on your keyboard. It should then bring up the same print box as if you had used the print menu. Neil.
  7. A question on joint and single accounts. My wife had her own account with Abbey for over 15 years, then we made it joint about 2 years ago. If we want to start claiming for anything over the period before I joined the account would it all need to be done by my wife herself, or could I still do it all in my name? Thanks, Neil.
  8. I like it very much Be very interested to know how they reply. May you succeed and set a good precendent for others to follow.
  9. I'd put the claim in, or you could wait for the complete time to elapse. Guess depends on how patient you are I don't undertand the different reponses people are getting from different people at the Bank. I'm wondering, if it's under £1,000 they offer a partial settlement and then a full one if that is rejected? Otherwise there seems no logic behind the different responses. Neil.
  10. Don't sign anything. I just had a similiar letter and this lunch time sent the following reply: There is no guarentee it will work, but it has for at least two others here. Overdrawn wrote it and it worked for her. Or you could wait and see what happens to my reply. Should see the original in this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=1992&page=2&highlight=goodwill+letter Neil.
  11. How are you searching? Are you using the "Search" link, where you can type in whatever you're looking for? Or the Advanced Search where you can search more specifically? In thinking a bit more you're unlikley to find any reference to a particular bank in the FAQ. I've searched for charges and got several threads back. In may seem a pain, but you really need to read through all of the FAQ to fully understand the process of claiming anything. It will take time, but is well worth it. I'm sure the mods here would say the same. Neil.
  12. If they choose not to take the money offered that's their problem not yours. It is nice of them not to take the money, but if they're now over the 40 days then I guess you report them. You could phone up customer services and remind them to make sure you get them. I was told there was a special department now dealing with DPA requests. You're supposed to be able to ask to speak to them when you phone up the usual customer services number. Also, depends on if you need the statments, or whether you have them already and are making the DPA request for the manual intervention disclosure. If i
  13. Went to the PostOffice and sent it recorded delivery about 13:00 today. Mr Alan Pretty had even provided a stamped envelope, so the recorded delivery was only 68p, instead of the usual £1.00 Neil.
  14. But from the letters being sent out, according to the Banks, they are not actually losing any cases, they just haven't bothered to defend. Semantics in a way, as we are sure they would lose....
  15. It's all down to Overdrawn. She wrote the letter and used it succesfully. As mentioned I just added the bit about 6 years, just in case there comes a way of claiming previous years as well. I've still got a large number of statements going back to the 1980s, so once this claim is out of the way will look more at how that can be done.
  16. I sent mine to my local branch addressed to the manager. Got a reply from Mr Alan Pretty in Leeds, offering not even a third back, so have just written asking for the rest. Neil.
  17. I just posted the following this lunch time to Alan Pretty. Most of it borrowed from Overdrawn (thanks again). I added the "in relation to charges for the past 6 years" part, as I've been with Midland/HSBC since getting my first job (30 years ago:)) and don't want to risk cutting off any chance of getting any charges back over 6 years old. I thank you for your letter dated 22 April 2006, offering to refund £300 of fees. However, I am not willing to accept this unless you provide me with the information that shows that the bank incurred costs amounting to £530.50. However, as a ges
  18. Why not set up a poll here for which ideas are best supported? Could poll between say: t-shirt (my favourite:)) baseball hats paypal car stickers badges/buttons amazon vouchers The idea that gets the most support is the one most likely to get more people contributing? Or in time have a selection of products? I've made inquiries for prices of t-shirts and wating prices to come back. But it looks like they'd need to be sold at £10.00 or over, (to cover costs, printing, postage, etc.) in order to raise much. The more sold the cheaper prodcution becomes. I've played with sco
  19. I personally like the T-shirt idea. Alway looking for a different type of t-shirt to wear Probably as it is the poster that soctia put together would be too wordy but you could certainly put the logo and the web site address on and maybe a few bits of text. Though getting them printed would take some effort, setting up online sales and distribution would take a lot of effort. Also, would take some money upfront to get them printed, which would be as problem too. So maybe a t-shirt is not such a good idea yet? Just had a partial offer, so am hoping for the full amount soon, so would
  20. Yesterday, the letter from Mr Alan Pretty offering a partial refund of £300, instead of the £830.50 being claimed. Thinking of using the letter that Overdrawn used as a template, if she has no objections? "I thank you for your letter dated 22 April 2006, offering to refund £300 of fees however, I am not wiling to accept this unless you provide me with the information that shows that the bank incurred costs amounting to £530.50. However, as a gesture of goodwill I would be willing accept £830.50 and therefore I will not seek to claim the 8% Apr and costs that I will add to the
  21. I may be mis-reading this, but shouldn't it be , taking out the "not"? Neil.
  22. Should be okay. My branch is in Staines and I intend to use the Staines small claims court. Is your bank branch close to Dartford? Sorry didn't the earlier reply wasn't sooner - still you've done the deed which is the important thing
  23. Putting HBOS into the saynoto0870 site (http://www.saynoto0870.co.uk/companysearch.php) gives loads of companies. We have a loan with Centrica, that is an AA loan, that is really a HBOS loan. There are a couple of customer services numbers that would be worth trying thst show up. Hope it goes well. Neil.
  24. Hi pmimmy, Have a look at this thread, and you'll see one way the orginal online court document was shortened. It may give you some idea of how you could get it filled out with less characters: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?p=29610#post29610 Hope this is in time before you go to the post office Neil.
  25. There are others here more experienced, but I would say you need to get a transcript of that phone conversation and write to them again complaining about their breaking the commitment to you and that you want them to sort out your credit rating. As they put it in the state it's in surely they can rectify it? I'm not 100% sure on the last bit, or whether you have to do that bit yourself. Have no idea how you'd go about that. But maybe others here can clarify? If you're going to ask for a phone transcript under the DPA you could also ask for statments and details of any manual intervent
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