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  1. This is really your own call. If they are offering you the full amount, are you prepared not to discuss that with anyone? I'm not sure that I would be able to agree to full confidentiality, but then I've not had such an offer as yet. Maybe that will come later? The ideal would be to write back, thanking them for the money which I'm happy with but can't accept any confidentiality agreement. Others here can probably give you a template for such a reply. Neil.
  2. I sent my to my local branch, address to the manager. I had replies, not from him, but Alan Pretty and then the great Mr Phil Beaumont. Neil.
  3. Anyone else think this is a hint that s/he got a settlement with a non-disclosure agreement? Neil.
  4. As I do If reload runs out I have 99 invites to give out. Just PM me with your current email address. They seem to keep being replenished. What I like about gmail is the additions that keep being released. Guess this is why it is still "offically" beta, though you wouldn't know that using it. Now with Google Calendar its even better
  5. I think both the donate and amazon are excellent ideas for rasiing money. Personally I think they are better than a specfiic affiliate program, as with an affiliate it willl give the appearance of supporting a particular product, even if people here can give reviews and even if a product is torn apart in such reviews, to my thinking it still gives a slightly negative impression of this site overall. Whereas with the donate button it is an open thing, people know it's just to give money with no affiliation at all. You don't even need to use PayPal if you don't want to!! Pretty much the same
  6. I heard the brief report on Chris Evans show. Disappointed he didn't actually mention this site I don't have the time right now, but if you start listening to the show on the listen again you can then slide the time bar across in chunks until you get to where or at least near where the report is. Have searched on the BBC site and found nothing relatng to Mike Nailer. Is that spelt right? Neil. edit - PS: Judst emailed Chris Evans asking for a transcript of the interview. Not sure whether it will be given, but worth a try
  7. If you do deliver it by hand, still make sure you get a signed receipt, that acknowledges they have received the lettter. It has been known for hand delivered letters to disappear and later denied being received. There was one person here who when speaking to his branch manger about things and had the manager deny ever receiving such a letter. Fortunately the person had had it signed for and so produced the receipt. The manager went and found the letter. I think this is a true account of what happned. Can't recall who had the experience? Much as I don't like to say this, as I generall
  8. I take the point that the bank may not be required to hold the records beyond 6 years, but what if you actually have them yourself? Maybe a bit sad but, I have bank statements from the HSBC going back to early 1980s Would they count and be able to be used, even though the bank may not have their own copies? Neil.
  9. Now that the donate button is active, is it worth posting somewhere how many people have donated per week or month? Not their names, but just the numbers of people and maybe the total amount received? Or would tha take those involved away from other worthwhile things? Neil.
  10. Here's a link to my thread that has a copy of it, slightly revised: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=1075&page=2 Be aware that for me it didn't work, they still refused to pay. Neil.
  11. Don, Thanks for revisng my letter. I'l be sending that this lunch time recorded delivery. Post Office is thankfully only across the road from where I work (unitl June when it closes ) Neil.
  12. Hi Don, No, I haven't submitted the claim yet. I appreciate your thoughts. I will slow down and send the below letter as a revised letter before action and then raise the claim on the 10th, if they still don't pay. Does this look okay? Thanks again Don for slowing me down Neil.
  13. I'd be interested in knowing more. Is it not possible to post them here? Neil.
  14. Is that only for the books that are reviewed on the site here? Or can you manage to get 10% on any books bought on Amazon when linked from here? That could provide a lot of money to support the site with. Still up for a donate button. Neil.
  15. Decided to go straight to action, as on re-reading their last letter it does say at the end: "this represent our final response on this matter" (yes that is how is was, bad grammar). One small question re filling in the moneyclaim form. The forums here say to begin with the line: "You have a contract with the defendant bank dated XXXX". I presume this is the date I opened my account with them? This was way back in 1974 and I do not remember the exact date or even the month. Will that matter? Can I just put the year or take a guess a the month? And of course back then it was the Midla
  16. The cost structure was posted in an earlier thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=5911 Neil.
  17. Does the above changes seem okay? I still think I ought to send a letter before action. It does delay things, but there is a small chance they may change their mind before action takes place Neil.
  18. I like the donate button and am happy to do so.
  19. Yes, you can claim the charges for exceeding your overdraft, but not where it's a charge for arranging the overdraft. Neil.
  20. I had a letter offering about a third of my claim, to which I replied saying I still wanted the full amount. It was a letter similar to that used by Overdrawn, which workeed for her, but for me it didn't. They still refused to pay, so now I am deciding whether I need to send a Letter Before Action, or just go straight to action and issue a court claim. Neil.
  21. Appreciate your thoughts. Once I've settled with HSBC I'll start with Abbey Neil.
  22. I'm also with BW on the importance of the FAQs and I wonder how they are missed, but missed they are by quite a few people. Or perhaps ignored? My point was, to be exact they are not right at the top. They are the 5th thread down The suggestion to raise them higher in the threads is so there is less chance thet can be ignored or missed Neil.
  23. Well, a very quick repsonse from the bank. Send the letter recorded delivery on Thursday, so Alan Pretty would have received it yesterday (Friday) and I got a reply this morning from Mr Phil Beaumont, refering to letter dated 26th April, with the standard reply of no way. So I guess though it worked for Overdrawn and one other person it's not worked for me. So first apologies for others who I mentioned it to in other threads here if it doesn't work for you either. Anyway the question I have now is do I go straight to small claims court now or send a letter before action? Or does the lette
  24. Could do it to either. I send my DPA to my local branch and my claim to my local branch and got a reply from Mr Alan Pretty, so replied to him. All the lettrs are here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=33 Neil.
  25. Te next step is to send the prelim letter. If you want more info on the legaility of it all read through the FAQs (a couple of times if you've the time) and it's all in there. Using the template letters is the best option. If you start to compose your own you risk mesing things up (unless you are solicitor in the banking field:)). The letters have been written to be effective and so far have proved to be. Neil.
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