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  1. As mentioned claim put in on 11th May, then on the Saturday, 13th May get a letter from Paul Archer, dated 12th May (day claim issued) with reference to the letter I sent on the 4th May saying I would start the claim on the 10th. It's obviously a standard letter, but don't they pay any attention to the letters we send? If nothing esle they are wasting postage and paper Claim status says: So another waiting game? Neil.
  2. Thanks. I'll start looking into it and put together a letter. Probably post it here for anyones opinions Thanks again. Neil.
  3. The 14 days includes the weekends. Banks may not be open to the public on weekends but they do work at charging you interest everyday of the year So when 14 days are up file your claim and PM one of the mods so they can add it to the litigation thread. Neil
  4. I've just come across this thread - been mainly looking at the bank refund part - I'd say you have a good case for small claims. Even with the four appliances the value must still be under £5,000? Have you started yet? If so how did it go?
  5. okay - is it okay if I borrow your letter and adapt it? I signed up to an umbrella company newsletter about a year ago now but decided I did not want to use their services and emailed then asking them to take me off their database. A couple of months later I received another email from them. i replied as below then in October had another email, so replied again: Now today I have just received another email from them!! So I guess they don't read their email. Shall I sue them? They've had at least three requests from me for no email from them. Neil.
  6. I hope nobody thought I was having a go at anyone!! The reason I think putting up the number of people who have contrbuted would help motivate others to donate when they are in a postion to do so. I recognise that many are not in a postion to contribute, and even when they have got thier money back, due to personal circumstances, still may not be in a position to do so and thye should not feel bad about not contrbuting. I'm also sure there are some who can afford to but just haven't got around it it yet. And I think if those people saw that ony 7 or 10 or 20 or whatever number of people had
  7. I think the new donate and amazon buttons look good. I wonder how many people have actually donated so far? There was a comment else where that a few days ago only 7 people had? I don't think it appropriate to list individuals, but the number of people would be good to know? Perhaps this could be added next to the survey of claims made that were successful? The link giving the amount of money returned and the number of people who have received it seems to be automated? Perhaps you could automate the number who have donated? Neil.
  8. I sent mine to the manager at my local branch. It got forwarded to the right person inside the bank. Make sure you send it recorded deleivery, or if you personally hand it in at your branch, get a signed receipt for it. Don't get put off if they say, something like: "you don't need it signed for, you know you've just given it to me". Still get a receipt Neil.
  9. As more and more people start the process it will take them longer as they'll have more to deal with
  10. This claim is only for the last 6 years. Once over with, then I'll start the process with Abbey and then for years further back than 2000 with HSBC. As mentioned before I opened my bank account with Midland in 1974 when starting my first job on leaving school. Why I stayed with one bank for so long is perhaps a mystery, both to others and myself Some sort of misplaced loyalty? I don't have the statements back all that way, but I do have some back to the 1980s. So as yet have not started any real preperation. I'd be very interested in the letter you sent back saying no to the confid
  11. Moneyclaim just submitted. Now a further wait for response from the bank. Neil. PS Have also sent PM to BF
  12. A bit lke I ws too eager. If you sent the DPA request you should wait the full 40 days that they have to reply within. You could phone up the customer services line and ask to be put through to the DPA department and ask them what's happening to your DPA request. For phoning the bank line you could use the non 08457 number - 01226261010 - might save you some money - depending on the type of phone service you have. Neil.
  13. Simple answer is no. It is complicated and many people don't bother. You'd need to know the interest rate the bank was charging at the time. Unless you're claiming loads back the time spent wokring it all out may not be worth the effort?
  14. Smile run by the Co-Op is one option. Still fairly large, but quite high street. No branches, all on-line. Pay interest (3.05% - not huge but more than most of the high street banks) on all money in your current account, free overdraft for first year of £500, that's free of being charged to arrange it, not free from interest I've opened one ready in case my bank decides to close my account. But I might just start to use it anyway.
  15. Use your local branch, otherwise the court case might end up in Leeds or some other place
  16. Not sure if I started that myth I did have a thought as I was reading various threads that they were paying under £1000 slightly easier than claims over that figure. But my theory was blown when they offered me about a third of my claim for £830.50 and when I asked for the rest they said no. So, as Malcom says it can now be regarded as an urban myth. Shame though! Neil.
  17. I woudn't hold out too mcuh hope of an offer You may have read my own thread, but like you I refused the less than half offer he made, but he then also refused to increase the offer. So I send another letter before action and now I'll be starting a ciaim at close of business tomorrow, or maybe Thursday morning. Neil.
  18. So did you sign or can't you say because you did sign? If you didn't sign what type of letter did you send back me them? Neil.
  19. Hi sarrah - it looks okay to me, but I'm not the most experienced in letter writing. The only bit I'm not sure of is the need to include anything about defaults? Do you think they would have entered one? Neil.
  20. Did they not ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement? Is this again a random thing that some get and others don't? Neil
  21. As far as I understand things you'll have to claim against the credit card company for their penalty charges. You won't be able to get the bank to refund those, though you will be able to get from the bank their own applied charges. It will take time to go through the process of claiming from each company, but if you persist it should all come back in time. I don't know much about the credit rating question, but I'm sure people here have been getting the banks to set that right. But that may very well depend on individual situations? Keep going... Neil.
  22. WIN98 cannot directly read or write to an NTFS partition, but it can read/write to an NTFS shared drive over a network connection. So if you have a 2000/XP machine that has shared a folder or drive and then connect a win98 system over a network cable, the win98 system will be able to read and write to the 2000/XP share, depending on how you shared it (account names etc) Neil.
  23. I'm sure others will also say, it's not wishful thinking, it will happen. Just takes time to go through the process. As for the newspaper article, I don't see a problem with it at all. Only thing to be aware of is if the bank try and put a confidentiality agreement on you. If you do agree to such it would not let you talk about your own case. Perhaps you could contact them now and have them follow the process you go through? The only other repercussion is that you might end up with a closed bank account. MODs here may or may not agree with my thoughts? Neil.
  24. You seem to be saying that all of the software you use in non MS apart from Office, if I read that right? In which case I wonder why you're not using OpenOffice? Does it not work too well with Win98SE? Or do you just not like it? Version 1 was a little querky, but version 2 is so much improved. Neil.
  25. I haven't actually submitted my claim yet, but have filled the online form in ready, and as far as I remember it does say you should add the interest in, so the total amount claimed should include the 8% interest. If you didn't include it there, that's why you haven't been paid it, even though you put it in the description part. I don't know whether you can get it back or not now. If you're really concerned about the interest (it can add upo to quite a bit) suggest you need to phone the court and ask them. Unles anyone else here has had similar experience? Neil.
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