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  1. As there has been no replies, I wonder if a confidentiality agrerement was signed?
  2. moneyclaim update shows the following: Do I now have to wait another 28 days? Or is that from the date they actually were issued with the claim rather than the date they finally acknowledged it? Neil.
  3. This earlier post may help: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?p=29610#post29610 Neil.
  4. I got a reply. Still don't think they quite get the point?
  5. Just sent the following to Which.
  6. Initially you can only claim for the last 6 years, not 10 years. The letter templates are here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=33 and the FAQs are here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=5 It really is a must to read through them as Skiceskull said. Neil.
  7. I opened a Co-Op Smile account with no problem. Did it all on-line. But at the moment don't have any credit rating problems. Did you try a full account or a basic account? Neil.
  8. This is a bit late now as you've already posted the letter, but if you want to know the name of your branch manager the customer service phone people will be able to tell you. Just keep pressing ahead and it will all work Neil.
  9. I refused a partial offer and they didn't offer me the full amunt, so am now waiting the court claim to be processed. So if you refuse you may need to go the whole way of taking them to court to get the full amount back. Neil.
  10. You submitted your claim on the 18th and had a letter from the court today? I submitted mine on the 12th and have heard nothing yet Guess I just need to be a bit more patient edited - how come my message appeared before the one I was commenting on - looks like your PC clock as well as Spiceskull is ahead?
  11. It may just be a typo, but you can only claim back for 6 years from now. So even though you have been with the bank for 8 yers, you can initially only claim for 6 years. There may be other ways to claim for longer periods, but they are still being worked on. Neil.
  12. They replied and said they don't do such things anymore - need to contact the FSA So on the http://www.fsa.gov.uk web site is a page about getting authorised to deal with money: http://www.fsa.gov.uk/Pages/Doing/how/index.shtml Briefly reading it I think we'd have a struggle to get authorised, as I'm sure the existing banks would have some say over things. But, not necessarily an impossible task Neil.
  13. Hi, My wife is in dispute/disagreement with British Gas over a loan taken out approx one year ago. At the time she was worried about redudancy, that is now not likely to occur and anyway we want to pay off the loan, having cashed in an endowment. Applied on-line for the loan, but due to the redundance worry she phoned up to take out PPI on the loan. The next day a courier arrived withthe documents to be signed and hand over the cheque. It was obviuosly in a hurry, so my wife signed and he left. Must admit to not reading all the small print, but in large letters it had £248.00 monthly
  14. Well, I thought I'd email the Bank of England and ask what steps are needed to start a new bank or building society. Be interesting if they reply
  15. It's probably a bit of a personal opinion, but most do consider open source software more secure than another OS. The problem is it can need configuring to make it so. Whilst it comes with default settings that have certain amount of security set up, I would not be too happy without a security professional looking at it to check the security level. It's one thing to have a server hacked that is holding company information, but another totaly if it's hacked and is holding banking details of many people that ends up with people loosing money. I'm sure you've read accounts of how some credit
  16. You are correct. Just keep on going with the process.
  17. I sent my LBA to my local branch manager. Neil.
  18. This is what I see as the main challenge. From what we hear people are always trying to hack into the banks and other supposedly secure places. We'd be a definite tarket, so would need to have some people in place who knew a great deal about securing a network or onctract a company like cisco or someone to come in and secure it all and then you would need money i mean I could build some servers Linux or Windows), and give some security, but I'd never be sure enough that it was totally safe. Well, I just wouldn't use Windows for such a system. The idea of running a credit union or
  19. At the risk of upsetting the mods the answer is "Yes you can". But, I too would also encourage a good long read of the FAQs
  20. Did you actually use all those words, or are they want you'd have liked to have said
  21. I think the most difficult part would be the intial setting up of things - like purchase of Servers, internet presence (e.g. needing a lot of bandwith both ways for people to access account info) and the security involved. When I say difficult, I mean more the actual cost of that, not that it would be too difficult to actual do those things. But the financial cost would be huge. Perhaps the only way that could be funded would be to approach a "money Angel" (is that the right term for them?), but then you'd get all sorts of restrictions no doubt. But all great ideas start off being put down
  22. You'll probably get a standard reply, so then after the 14 days just issue your claim. You've not mentioned how much the claim is for, but if it's for less than a £1000 you may get a letter offering you a partial refund. If you do just write back saying thank you, but no thanks and then when the 14 days from your LBA start the claim. This is want I did. Waiting for the claim process to go through now. Neil.
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