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  1. These two letters have come in from Wright Hassell in the last two weeks - seems Gladstones have been replaced! Wright Hassell 1.pdf wright hassell 2.pdf
  2. Thanks for the admonishment EricsB. I did admit that in my post. Off to find my hair shirt...
  3. First of all apologies for not following this up. After reading a couple of articles online and listening to someone else that had ignored all the communications from these charlatans after getting ticketed in the same car park I thought that I knew better than this forum and thought I'd go it alone. After a couple of letters from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd asking for more money, then reducing the amount that they were trying to screw out of me as a 'goodwill gesture' things went quiet as of the end of last May. I thought I'd heard the last of them. Having just returned from 10 days abroad I find a letter from Gladstones dated 30th March threatening court action and giving me 14 days to pay. Having revisited this forum and spending time looking at the advice that you have given to others here I thought that I would return with my tail between my legs and hope that you might be able to provide some sage advice. SO in response to your questions above: Ticket issued: 09/03/2016 Where: Vantage Point car park, Brighton What I said in the appeal letter: If I can find it I will post it up here, but it stated that my wife had overstayed her 3 hour ticket by 10 minutes because she had been delayed through a late running meeting. I argued that the sum being claimed was disproportionate to the hourly rate and the financial loss to the land owner was in the order of pennies due to the overstay rather than the £100 that they were requesting. I offered to pay them £1 as a 'goodwill gesture' to compensate the land owner for the lost revenue. You have their reply reproduced above. When I sent the letter: 01/04/2016 What the signs say: I thought that I had taken photographs of the signs, but I can no longer find them on my PC or phone. Since the parking ticket was issued the management of the car park has been taken on by a different company called OneParkingSolutions trading out of Worthing (so one wonders what interest Parking Enforcement have in this now?) I have attached the redacted Gladstones letter for you perusal. I know that I have not done myself any favours in the actions described above and I should have continued to engage with you rather than going quiet... So, do I just chalk this up to experience and cough up to save a court appearance? Thanks, FB 20170330_Gladstones_letter redacted.pdf
  4. Hi - I received a parking charge notice after returning a few minutes late to the car last month. Parking Enforcement sent the familiar letter stating that I owed them £100 or, if I paid up early, as a goodwill gesture they would only want £60. I wrote to them explaining that I considered their charge was excessive and wasn't going to pay. They have written back stating that I don't have that option and I must pay within the next 10 days. Any advice?
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