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  1. Hi Folks. I know it has been a long time but I thought I should let people know what has happened. mainly due to often wondering about other peoples threads and it also being rude not to keep helpers informed. I wrote to the council asking about the L.O.s and it appeared that due to our changing circumstances, i.e. one still being in full time education and the other not things got confused in their office. Plus my place of education gave the council the wrong date for my course ending. Long story short. We arranged a payment plan which has been kept to. The council changed the bills which greatly reduced the arrears and they apologised for the stress. The OH has now got head out of the sand and even looks on this site for help and info regarding other matters for other people. Yet again " Thank you Caggers"
  2. Hi dx. Just for the record I am not scared of DCAs after being on this site. In fact since being on it our payments to them have dropped from nearly £250 a month to less than £30. As I have said previously some of these debts are joint and the OH suffers bad panic attacks, some of which, are brought on when I try dealing with them. Also thanks to this site we were able to stop the house being repossessed, when the OH actually believed the advice given, the mortgage being in their name only. I am happy to deal with the DCAs but want to do it from a position of strength and not going in only half prepared. I understand that most, if not all, the people helping me on this site have been in my situation but I feel that saying "No wonder I have money issues" isn't helping to relieve the stress we going through. Thanks everyone for your help. Goodbye.
  3. Hi dx. Things are never as simple as that. This is a joint debt and both myself and the OH have other debts which lead to massive fear factors. You could call it cowardice but without knowing what the DCA actually have, and what that enables them to do, it was simpler to pay something. As you know debt causes a lot of tension on the home front and we didn't want to go to Relate!! We have stopped paying a couple of other DCA.s following advice from this site so things are slowly getting sorted out.
  4. Just a quick update as to were we are. Wrote to link asking several questions including why were we still getting calls from them 5 months after writing to them and more importantly why no NOA enclosed. Had a reply back from Link saying "Sorry" for the phone calls, blaming them on our number not being removed. Also stated that they could not provide a NOA as their system was updated a few years ago and it was no longer on their system and we would have to get back in touch with original lender for the information. According to the info on the SAR from the original lender they did not send one, just default and termination notices. Still only paying £1 a month but no more phone calls or letters asking for I & E. Should I be worried about Link trying anything? Sorry for the ongoing saga but I don't want to be blindsided. Thanks for all the help over "How long?" P.S. The SAR runs to over 40 pages.
  5. I have noticed that when I go to the polling station and the staff ask my name that they put a number on my voting form which is against my name on their list of voters. I don't know if the political parties can access the individual ballot papers and then cross reference these numbers back to an individual or if they were just fishing for info.
  6. I frequently tell people about this site if I hear they might have a problem and I know that several of them have come on here. I also place the CAG parking leaflet on cars in a certain carpark so hopefully that might drive people here. I wonder how many of these people then sign up as members? Plus I frequently just come onto the site but don't sign in just to see what is going on.
  7. I like it when their automatic machine starts trying to leave a message when our answer machine is saying "Leave a message after the tone". All we get then is the tail end of their message, usually it is just "press 4"
  8. I was impressed by Gordon Browns speech yesterday. Why couldn't he be like that as P.M. Think the debate has also opened a debate south of the border with issues like The Barnet Formula and the proposed ring fencing of services for Scotland should they stay. Will make for an interesting run up to the general election.
  9. What are the financial implications foe the rest of the UK if Scotland does go? How big a swing will there be between our imports and exports? No doubt we would lose billions with the oil with having to import it from Scotland and to a lesser degree the same with Whisky etc.
  10. As a Proud Manc living in exile else where in England I would rather trust Alex Salmond than the people in Manchester Town Hall. These are the people that tried to introduce a congestion charge for everyone travelling within the M60 boundary. Who in the 90's tried selling the street light furniture to lease it back, kept Manchester a " Nuclear Free Zone" and whose latest idea to ease traffic congestion is to introduce even more bus lanes for some of the most dilapidated buses in the North West. Sounds like I'm doing a Scousers take on life in Manchester.
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