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  1. Great -thanks. But just to confirm - you haven't heard any more from Apex since they sent you the letter saying they can't provide the CCA? Good luck!
  2. Hello I have received the same response today from Apex to my CCA request re: a LLoydsTSb account. I thought I would check if you have heard any more since October. If not, are you paying anything? Thanks.
  3. Yes, thanks. Thats what I was thinking also - so that I could pay those which I know are absolutely are enforceable deal with the others? Sorry - I hit post too soon with the reply above. What I meant was to switch to my own DMP so that I can pay those which I know are absolutely enforceable and then deal with those which I know are not in the appropriate ways (be that final offer settlements or not)?
  4. Hi, a few weeks ago I submitted a CCA request to Link Financial regarding my Barclaycard account which was defaulted and transferred to Link in 2012. The account was opened in mind-1990s and the current balance is around 8k. I have been making payments through my DMP for nearly 3 years. In response, I have received from Link today a letter from Barclaycard saying that they have satisfied my request and met their obligations by enclosing a reconstituted copy of my CCA. The CCA itself is 6 pages long. The first page contains my name and my address when opening the account all those years ago. Page 2 is a photocopy of 'Barclaycard Conditions of Use' -I assume that these are supposed to be the terms which applied when I opened the account. Pages 3-5 are a second set of terms and conditions - I assume these are the more recent ones which applied when I defaulted. The last page is just a statement of my current balance signed by someone from Link. There are obviously no signatures of mine to be found anywhere. Does it sound like Barclaycard have met their obligations - does this type of CCA meant that the account is enforceable? My main objective in submitting the CCA request was to try to assess the amount of a potential final offer to settle. Thanks
  5. An update to this - 1st Credit responded to my CCA request by sending me copies of my First Direct current account statements from opening until the account was closed in 2012. The last page of the statement shows my credit card balance being added to the overdraft balance to make the combined total - there is no explanation of this transaction. 1st Credit have asked me to contact them within 14 days to discuss repayment. Obviously they haven't complied with the CCA request and nor have they referred at all to the fact that the 2 accounts were combined. What do you think my next steps should be? Thanks
  6. OK - will send SAR. I know there is definitely no PPI but there probably are some charges. Can you tell me what the significance of the the £750 threshold is? Thanks
  7. Yes, the cc was over 750 just about - by a few quid. Would a SAR to First Direct be recommended so that I have full evidence or are the CRA records sufficient? Thanks
  8. In addition to the above, I meant to add that, on Equifax, it was showing when I checked a while ago as a 'consolidated debt' by First Direct for the total amount with a default date a few days apart from the 1st Credit one on experian. I would need to get an updated equifax report to check if that has since changed to 1st Credit. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks both. The total debt is c.£1100 - on Experian this is showing as a current account default by 1st credit (dated 2012, before it was assigned to them). Then there is a separate entry for the credit card under First Direct, marked satisfied for c.£750, a few days before the date of the default above. The current account was around £400 overdrawn. There is no separate entry for the current account from First Direct. For the CCA request, I used the 1st credit reference number. Should I resubmit the CCA request stating that I know the alleged debt is mostly made up of a credit card? Cheers
  10. Hello In 2005 I took out a credit card and current account overdraft with First Direct. After getting into difficulty and missing payments for a while, First Direct combined the two accounts and issued a default in 2012. Last year they assigned the combined account to 1st Credit. Neither First Direct nor 1st Credit informed me that the accounts were combined/consolidated - I only know this from looking at my credit report. 1st Direct have recently started sending weekly letters asking for repayment - starting with a 20% discount 'offer'. Last week, I sent the CCA request with £1 payment. Very quickly, a couple of days later, they responded and returned my £1 postal order saying that the account was a current account and therefore not covered by CCA until 2011 - again not mentioning the fact that two accounts had in fact been consolidated. They also said in the letter that they have requested copy statements from First Direct and my account is on hold until they are able to send them to me. I received another collection letter today but this was dated the day before the letter responding to my CCA request. I would be grateful for any advice on next steps once 1st Credit resume collection letters, which they surely will. Should First Direct have combined the two accounts in the manner they did and should it be covered by the CCA as the overall total includes a proportion of credit card debt (in fact the majority of the total)? Thanks
  11. Hi - just checking whether you made any progress with this? I have got nowhere with my claim against TFC - my loan was taken out in 2004, before they were regulated. However, someone on here has just had success with FOS and AXA - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?354114-cap1-The-Funding-Corporation-PPI-Rejection-**WON-THROUGH-AXA** . Are you still dealing with TFC or did you go to AXA?
  12. Great news - congratulations and thanks for the update. Can I just ask you - to take the claim forward did you just inform FOS of where you had got to with TFC and let them deal with it or did you have to chase additional info/docs from TFC/AXA?
  13. Hi I have been in a DMP with StepChange for about 4 months now and it seems to be going fine - the threats/chasing letters are drying up. Most of my debts were defaulted in 2011/12 and have been passed to DCAs. My account with Barclaycard was initially passed to Mercers (who I believe are part of Barclays) and I received a default notice in December 2011. The debt was then assigned to IDR Finance and is run by Link Financial. When I check my equifax report (yet to do experian), the account does not show as a default - rather a series of status '6' since April 2012 (it is showing as Link Financial, not Barclaycard). I know this isn't a good situation and need to get it changed to a default (at least then the clock is ticking towards the 6 years). Surely if a default has been issued it should be reported? What is the best way to get this rectified? Do I write to Barclaycard, Mercers, Link or Equifax or all 4? Are there any templates or is it a straightforward letter describing what has happened and requesting the status be changed to default with a date of Dec. 11? I have seen a number of other threads re: defaults and CRAs but they do not quite address my questions... Thanks
  14. Hi - I am in process of claiming back ppi on a number of loans and credit cards going back to 1998 with LTSB. All of the accounts in question were settled. However, I am in arrears with a later loan with LTSB which has been passed to Apex (for collection, I don't think its been sold). If any of my claims are successful can they be kept by LTSB and used to pay off balance on later loan?
  15. I managed to speak to someone at Barclays who was able to give me PPI policy numbers so I've completed both questionnaires. The adviser on the phone thinks I cancelled the policy on the second loan though before any payments were taken - that may be the case, I can't remember. As the second loan was used to consolidate the first, would that still have implications for my PPI claim amount - i.e. would the ppi on the original loan have been rolled into the second? I can't remember if I got a rebate at the time of consolidating. Thanks.
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