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  1. Okay, already got that so will just go directly to fos then. thanks for your advice, nightmare all this
  2. Okay, directing it to te complaints department for PPI this time as it was the branch i am with that was replying last time. I have been paying 30.00 PPI for 2 years and have another 2 to go, which is bad because they wont stop it. If they reconstruct the loan it only saves about £8 which is not even the amount of the PPI. Will see what response i get this time, thanks
  3. No had nothing, i have PPI on a loan and they said they cant cancel the PPI and can only restructure the loan which has no saving at all, very disappointed so sending a letter using templates on here to request refund of PPi.
  4. Thank you for replying i will read as much as i can, as i have also an issue with Lloyds where they refuse. Thanks Sharon
  5. HI, i am new to this forum and i am after some advice. I have a 2k credit card with RBS and its charging me approx £16 a month PPI, i didn't realise this until i analysed my statement. I have previously asked them to stop this charge about a year ago and i never thought to recheck the statement, until now when i reliased my payments are not going down as quick as i like. Can anyone advise on the correct wording to use on my first letter to the RBS company to ask them to cancel the PPI and that i would like to claim back the PPI that i have had the last few years on the card. Any advice
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