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  1. Hi there, this is in the hands of lawyers now will keep you updated
  2. Hiya I have sent also sent complaint to fos re ppi, I too will keep you updated.
  3. Hi ims Thanks for replying, it is the company (phone a loan, Blemain whatever they are called) that is not upholding the complaint, I am going to do a letter to FOS and see what they say, if they decline I will go down the court route I am not giving up on this:roll:. Regarding the SAR, still waiting for the post office to get back to me as Blemain say they never received my £10 postal order which was enclosed with the SAR, going to phone post office tomorrow. Will keep you updated. Yvonnex
  4. Hi again, Update re the Loan Sharks, got a letter back regarding the PPI Claim advising they will not be upholding the complaint, I have attached a copy of letter should I still pursue? My mother was retired at the time the loan was taken out did not know what PPI was any advice would be helpful thanks x ppi claim letter oct 2011.pdf
  5. Hi citizen Already been in touch with po sent off a claim form to po have all the receipts and copied them, will keep you updated:-)
  6. Hi again everyone, Just a wee update regarding the situation with the 'Loan Sharks', I sent a SAR to Blemain with £10 postal order covering fee, sent by recorded delivery, a week later I received a letter from them acknowledging receipt of letter but advising me that the SAR letter was not signed and the postal order was not enclosed, they are correct that I never signed the SAR letter but I did enclose the postal order, I have proof of this, I am now taking this up with the Post Office. I really want to get this company sorted out once and for all. I will keep you all posted. Hope everyone is well. Yvonnex
  7. I agree Citizen that I think my mum has been mis sold the loan, she is not denying that she owes the money and has never missed a payment even although she has struggled, she was terrified she would lose her house. The thing I am concerend about is they should never gave her this loan in the first place, very irresponsible lending, I think something should be done about this company how they get away with the interest they charge, they prey on the vunerable. Wish my mum never got involved with this company. I have sent off the SAR, is it 40 days they have to respond? Cheers Yvonne
  8. Thanks ims got my sar ready to send going to send recorded delivery, I'm trying to source a solicitor to advise if it has been mis sold.
  9. Good Afternoon I have attached copy of the statements, this is up to July this year there has been another 2 payments of £352.37 been made. My mum had to change the date of when the payments came off, I gave them a call to change the dates it was like talking to a brick wall, I have spoke to them a few time regarding this but they have not changed anything thus my mum receives letters each month to advise that she is in arrears which she is not, so I know there will probably be charges to her account. Statment Page 1.pdf Statement Page 2.pdf Statment Page 4.pdf Statement Page 3.pdf
  10. Hi ims Thanks for your time, I can post the statement, all it shows is all the payments my mum has made. I am out at the moment so will do this when I get home. Thanks
  11. Nerly forgot, sent a letter to Financial Ombudsman regarding this, got a reply from them informing me that because of the date of the Loan, Blemain Finance were not regulated by them,
  12. This is the letter (minus names this time I hope) regarding early settlement figures. early settlement letter.pdf
  13. Thanks for noticing bridgadier, thought I had deleted all that information, think I have been on my laptop too long today, I have deleted that attachment, I will delete name and upload again, then might switch my laptop off and have a nice wee glass of wine.
  14. Hope I uploaded files correctly, once again I would like to thank you for taking the time to respond, just want to take the stress away from my mum as she is quite ill. Hope everyone if having a nice evening. yvonne:-D:whoo:
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