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  1. well wrote and emailed them for an update, got a letter to say they are still looking through it and could take up to a year...... yeah i know, hopefully they will have a answer soon
  2. I cant see how they are up to date as they are recieving 2-4 thousands complaints aday??
  3. Could he not ask the claimant or court for a copy of the consent order?
  4. Sorry just found t, ths wednesday!
  5. Well f your ringing the creditor then pay!!!!!! Looking forward to see what the judge says about this!
  6. I totally agree with Gaston, its your debt you agreed to pay a reduced figure so why should they chase you, the whole point of a consent order is if you dont pay they get judgment!!! Unless on the consent order it states they will give you extra time to pay if you miss your payments? just saying!
  7. It means its been moved to the right forum so people with that experience or similar situations might be able to help
  8. Any updates on this? have you drafted your defence yet?
  9. Personally would send then your sisters I&E and offer a monthly amount they would do the Consent order and send to ur sister?
  10. i'm not sure what post it was but i do remember seeing **** dont use external emails!! Did you call them?
  11. looking at all the advice you have recieved!!!! Maybe best to just agree a monthly instalment plan, you may get in to deep if she intends to defend? dont try and be hero just pay? even if she offers £5 a month im sure they would rather than all court costs? only saying dont need to tkae my advice? good luck
  12. Thats fine its just people may be able to give you more advice if they knew what Bank it was
  13. I think i'm getting confused with witness statements and skeletons as i thought the w/s would be enough till trial but see what you mean by having it all noted!! Thank you
  14. Oh i see, so a skeleton can be done at anytime during the process?
  15. Is'nt a skeleton a bit much for te hearing i thought was only at trial??
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