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  1. thanks for all your help, so just await more "letters" and ignor them all until they all get bored?
  2. the main thing is its in my mums name, and shes trying to move house, and shes worried she will get bad credit, but they cant do this if i read correctly?
  3. so basically, i arrived home from work today, welcomed by £400 worth of tickets. i got the tickets from College, which i remember, aparrently you need a permit to park here ( which no one told me). alot of people said you do not have to pay them, as its privet grounds, and they cant inforce them, ive read a few other posts, and im still unsure where i stand i phoned them, and they said they would email me the evidence of my parking. so im just wondering if i should pay it or not? thanks a load
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