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  1. It's just £51 late DD fee and the rest is one lump sum entitled "Refinance fee". Ta, I'll write to Neil Petty.
  2. It shows an entry from Motormile Finance UK, the entry only appeared when this started in April, the default date shows 28/6/2010 for £143. Balance shows as £1604. Hope this helps!
  3. They've told me that the balance has been set by cash genie and they can't do anything about it! Cheers, will have a look, might pick up some pointers.
  4. Hello All, A few years ago (around about 2010) I had some financial problems and had a few debts with some payday lenders that spiralled out of control, naturally, I took control and "lost" my debit card, making any CPA redundant. Being a law abiding citizen like I am though I have taken responsibility and paid everything back, apart from a debt with the aformentioned Cash Genie/Ariste holdings. This is a belter of a dispute. I took out a loan of £110 with an interest fee of £33. I received about £95 I think it was due to being a bit silly and paying £15 for same day payment. Repayable amount of £143. Can you see where this is going yet? Naturally with this being the final one to deal with, I approached Cash Genie earlier this year, only to receive an e-mail from MMF with regards to this debt saying that I owe a balance of...... £1604 - with late Direct Debit fee's of £51 (I can actually stomach that fee, it's not unreasonable) and refinance fee's of £1410 (I do not agree with this nor have any intention of paying). I did receive a further offer to be able to pay £296 to settle the balance, but seeing as this still just over £100 of what I would say is reasonable I'm standing by my principles and not succumbing to it. I merely think that the £1604 figure is to scare me into paying the £296, over the odds as to what the loan should be. It's worth noting that the default notice was lodged in 2010 for £143. I've tried contacting the original lender to no avail. I've got a copy of the credit agreement after 4 months of requesting it, and I suppose it's the standard Cash Genie one, the terms on late fee's are incredibly vague. If anyone can assist me with where to go from here, I'm all ears and would appreciate it. Ta.
  5. About the timeframe the default notice should be issued, is that governed by law?
  6. Hi Guys, Just seen in my e-mail a demand from MMF (Over £500) for a debt that has existed for almost 6 years. I can't get the exact date as it was tied to an old bank account I no longer have, but by my estimation I failed to make payment in June or July 2008. Now looking at the e-mail I have from the DCA it states they are just about to register a Default Notice with the "3 main CRA's", surely after this amount of time they can't do that and leave the default on my account for another 6 years? I have not acknowledged the debt in any way shape or form and this is the first communication I have seen about this debt, the e-mail was sent out today. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. For the majority off the top of my head your looking at 2 years away, there are two that went into default in the last two years, which is a shame, but going for me is a flawless payment history for the last two years anyway , and a total of 5 defaults being progressively settled, so things are looking up. One of the flawless accounts is for about £300 a month, the other is a mobile phone contract. The £300 p/m is my car finance, what I want to do is trade down, and I think I should get a better rate seeing as when I took it out, the majority of those defaults where still outstanding.
  8. To be honest, with the stuff I have settled it's been done directly anyway, I think it's only this one, and another that has been settled and confirmed as settled which was dealt with via a third party. I am going to get in touch with Orange directly tomorrow, and have a chat with them.
  9. To be honest, with the stuff I have settled it's been done directly anyway, I think it's only this one, and another that has been settled and confirmed as settled which was dealt with via a third party. I am going to get in touch with Orange directly tomorrow, and have a chat with them.
  10. Sorry, they don't know the monthly rate at the moment, but that information will come. I'm pretty sure it's only £15 though with a default figure of £108. All the defaults apart from 1 are from over 3 years ago..
  11. They're claiming it's £108 a month, but the guy I spoke to is getting all the info from Orange for me, and will e-mail the information so I can decide which way to go. I know the defaults will still be on there but this is about me taking responsibility for my actions a few years ago, and whilst they'll be on the credit file, they'll be showing as settled which does count for something and should help me get a better deal for car finance. The funny thing is, I'm allowed to have an overdraft up to something daft like £2800, naturally I choose not to, I do have a much smaller one which is the first I've had in about 11 years, and my score on Credit Expert is 795, I know not to read too much into that, but it's a decent guide.
  12. Hello There Everyone, So, over the past few months I've been systematically going through my credit file and settling all the defaults on there to try and improve my chances of getting a better car finance deal that I already have (Bill of Sale, 49.9% Apr... Evil), Now I'm at the point of the final two that I'm in the process of looking in to and mopping up. One of them was a 30 day rolling mobile phone contract from 2009, which I believe was £15 per month... After looking into it, the default value is £108 per month. Now I was under the impression that I had upgraded and moved over to a monthly contract, which is true and false at the same time. It turned out that I got the monthly contract independently, so that avenue has now become a red herring. Would I be right in thinking that they can only pursue me for the value of 1 month? I can't fully remember the circumstances of me not paying to be honest! Speaking to the debt company that are dealing with (Zinc?!?!) the guy I spoke to was very helpful and understood where I was coming from, he's getting the full account information from Orange for me to look at and then dispute if I need to. . Any thoughts on this anyone? The other one, it's a lower priority at the moment, company called Lending Stream, it's a default for £950ish on a £360 loan from summer 2010, default was only registered in 2012 which is a bit strange in my opinion. Haven't made contact with them yet, and they're hardly climbing over the barrels to get hold of me either, never had any contact with them whatsoever since. Almost as if they can't be bothered. The other hilarious one is cash genie, although that's not showing on my credit file, but for a loan of £90 dating back to Jan 2010, I got an e-mail the other day trying to scare me by saying the debt was £1,600 and they'd take a reduced settlement on £290. Naturally I replied to them stating the ridiculousness of their ploy, and I suggested to them that if they didn't want the e-mail finding it's way to a) The Financial Ombudsman and b) The tabloid press then they should accept my offer of the original £90 plus £33.50 interest as agreed to settle the account. Needless to say I haven't heard a peep out of them since, and would be quite happy if I never heard from them again! That last one was just to amuse you all... What do we all think about the mobile phone one?
  13. Wise words Slick, and then it'll also probably save me from paying a non-refundable admin fee if they go "urgggghhh"
  14. Yeah, looking through some of my posts it doesn't actually look clear (the chronology of events), I think your spot on Slick, I will struggle to get anything other than the ccj being marked as satisfied (the wheels are already in motion on this), purely because of that letter that I misunderstood at the time, although my defence at the time was that I was completely oblivious that I'd received a ccj on this matter, and with it being the only ccj I've ever received, I had no idea what the process is/was. The accompanying paperwork, i.e a fact sheet, lists questions on it like "What is a CCJ" and tells you what impact they can have, and that if you pay the ccj within 1 month it'll be removed, etc. This letter was sent in June 2012 whilst the CCJ is dated January 2011. (Debt was cleared in June 2012) So anyway, with that issue to one side as I'm pretty sure it's here to stay on my file until January 2017 as satisfied at least, back to the original question, how badly will this impact when I'm trying to rent a house or a flat, and on my credit reference as a whole? I'm already guessing that High Street Lenders will turn their noses up at me, and with regards to car finance I'm looking at sub-prime lenders with an APR of 49.9%? And, as it's registered against an address I moved out of in April 2007, will it even be seen by some/most lenders?
  15. I do, it was Oxford County Court (combined court), I've already spoken with them and safeloans and the young lady at safeloans, despite the situation was helpful and said she would write to the court to confirm that the debt was satisfied in 2012. The ccj was registered at an old address I moved out of in 2007, the loan was taken out in 2010 at a different address, and they finally wrote to me at my current address in summer 2012.
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