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  1. Hi I am asking this not on behalf of someone but for my ownreasons. My son following a bit of a messy divorce and bankruptcy about 2 yearsago met this girl and has been living with her for about 10 months. Iunderstand that he gives her so much towards the mortgage per month. 5 Years ago this girl and her then boyfriend bought a houseusing the together mortgage. When the boyfriend left about two years ago shetried to get his name taken off the mortgage but was told that that wasimpossible. The fixed rate is now coming close to finishing. My son and this girl are now looking into getting a housetogether but here’s my problems. Is it true that NR would not amend the mortgages just ‘freeze’a name on the mortgage. She as been advised to pay off the loan part before applyingfor another mortgage. House value about 110K, Mort about 90K and loan about12K. These figures are what I have gleamed from her. The chances of my sonbeing allowed any part of a mortgage are slim although he as not had credit for2 years and she can have the mortgage on her salary. From what I can gather itis possible for him get a loan to pay off the loan. So is it possible to paythe loan off after this fixed term period. Because she only talks about her mortgage and when she buysa new house, I’m checking!
  2. We all have opinions based on personal experiances, so lets leave it there. I'll send moorcroft a carefully worded letter and come back if anything else happens.
  3. it is more than 6 years I suggest 6 years after completion. How do you think I knew and was able to prove it (without showing I had a copy of the original) was a made up, in my case T&C. But you can never account for the judge. I had them bang to rights on (off the top of my head) 62, 64 & 65, even the opposing sol tried to state the law in my favour because as she said she was covering the posibility of an appeal but the judge told her to shut up and know her place (not quite as blunt as that but near enough). Why no appeal - like always hadn't got the money. But enough of this because it is opening old feelings of hatred towards self opinionated common law judges.
  4. Which is why I put them separately because they were aplied for separately. I should expect this every now and again, I took 56k down to 18K but LTSB took me for a further 8K making 24k in total. It is now about 19K. The only way I lost the 8k was that the judge accepted the documents were false but said and I quote because i'll never forget his words "on the balance of probability this is what the document would have looked like"
  5. Bazooka Bill 1, yes 2. yes 3. They complied with the SAR but with no CCA compliance As I said I was going to ignor it but my wife as got abit jittery, It's been a few years since the up evil and things had settled down. I learnt alot in a short period of time and one of the major learning points is: if and where posible never comunicate with them because a judge may decide you've agree'd to anything and everything. (balance of probability)! I will however conceed that on this occation sidewinder is correct but I do need to word it properly and to make sure it cannot be doctored ala LTSB & ****.
  6. It’s been a while and I have reregistered under a differentname because my first was too close to my real name and it was used in court by LTSB. Yes as the title says. Moorcroft have made a doorstep visit,my wife answered the door and said that I was not in, he handed her a card in a sealed envelope to give to me. She said he was very polite and was not pushy or aggressive in any way. Is this a new tactics being used as I still keep reading that they do not do door step? In Feb 2008 I requested a CCA and SAR from all my creditors, the only items the company supplied was records of payment. In May 2008 I stopped paying. AIC who was collecting on behalf of the lender quickly passed it back to them. Every 3 or 4 months I have received a request from various DCA’sand have ignored them. I intend to ignore this but it rattled my wife somewhat so Ithought I’d check it out.
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