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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'll get another CCA request off to them ASAP and start a new thread if and when they get back to me.
  2. If not delivered though I would have thought it would have returned to sender by now. I doubt it's anything sinister probably just a case of the letter being damaged or lost in one of the sorting offices. A family member used to work for the PO. It was not uncommon for letters to get lost in sorting offices for years. Some would fall off machinery and get trapped in or behind same. These things do happen from time to time, or so I'm told.
  3. It was sent to their UK HQ. 8 Canada Square. Which I assumed was the correct place to send it, I thought sending a recorded delivery letter to a PO box was a bit pointless so I sent it off to Canary Wharf.
  4. Thanks for that reply dx100uk. This is what is being said in earlier posts. Please could you tell me where the date of April 2007 comes from? Was there a court case, ruling or judgement that names this date? Please note that I not doubting anything that is kindly being told to me on this forum, and I sincerely thank all of you who take the time and make the effort to help out. I merely need to know how we get to this date. What event fixes this specific date? Before I launch into CCA's (I've already sent one, which looks like it's gone MIA in spite of being sent recorded delivery) I'd like to be 100% certain that this date of April 2007 is based on a solid event. Something must have happened to make so many quote this date, what was it? You know what the lovely people at the bank will say when challenged via CCA. 'Oh no sir, that didn't happen and in any case, even if it did it won't apply to your account. Now pay up or else!' After all, we all know just how honest and trustworthy our fine banking institutions are..........Dont we?
  5. I've now got the full info on this. It was posted on Wednesday October 22nd and yes it was recorded delivery. It was not signed for and has not been returned to me, Up to yesterday 26/11 the PO remained uncashed. Lost in post perhaps? Very odd, it's the first time I've had a recorded delivery letter go AWOL
  6. sorry for the delay in this reply. In spite of BT's finest efforts the broadband connection is still acting up. I've been asked a couple of times when the credit card was taken out. Experian state that it was the year 2000. However I'm certain that it was well before that. More like 1989-92. I know for a fact that I had it in 1995. For those of you who remember, it was taken out back in the days when HSBC used to provide two credit cards on the same account. One Access, and one Visa. I'm as certain as I can be that it was pre year 2K. Much later on the two cards were merged into just the one Mastercard. That's what might be confusing Experian.
  7. Thank You all for your informative replies. I spent a while reading the FCA handbook, and came across Conc 13.1.4 updated 01/07/2014 That seems to imply that an exact original copy with a copy of any signature isn't required. all that is requirded is a 'true copy' the details of wich are spelt out in section 13.1.4 There's no mention of any specific dates when these rules take effect other than Carey v hSBC Bank plc 2009 So, that leaves me asking this question, Where do you good people get the above stated information that a copy (I presume an exact copy, IE Photocopy) of a signed CCA must be provided for any agreement started pre April 2007? It would seem that a 'True copy' Is a very different animal to an 'Exact copy' Is there some other part of the FCA handbook, legislation or proven case I need to look at for the answer? I thank all who took the time to reply to my OP and hope that you will be able to answer the above questions.
  8. Now this may seem like a silly question and I may have got this totally wrong. Having read several threads on this forum it seems like there are two types of CCA replies for unsecured credit card debt. One seems to relate to post 2006/2007 CCA's and the other to pre 2006 CCA's. For the pre 2006 agreements it would appear that only a genuine exact copy of a signed CCA is sufficent for the creditor to be able to enforce the agreement. However for a post 2006/2007 agreement it would seem that an unsigned generic agreement will suffice. Is this correct or have I got it entirely wrong? Would a forum expert or two (or more) please take the time to tell me what to expect from a CCA request. I have several credit cards all either year 2000 or earlier. What would any creditor be required by law to provide me with in order to fully satisfy any CCA request made by me? I'm somewhat confused, as it seems that different posters have different opinions. Some say no signed agreement means that the agreement can't be enforced. whilst others disagree and say otherwise. Please forgive me if this question has already been asked, and thank you for taking the time to read this opening post. I look forward to your replies.
  9. Thanks for all your replies. I've managed to get back online as Buzby took his revenge on me and knackered my broadband (OK a falling tree took out the phone line and the telephone post! BT have managed to get it fixed, so I'm happy) A follow up, as I stated in my OP I pay at the PO via an MCS Payment card. Will that card still be valid? Or will I need a new payment card in the name of the new company HSBC Collection Services? Sorry to sound thick but I really don't have the time to write to these people as I'm soon due to make another payment, but how do I set about making it use the existing MCS payment card at the PO as per normal or send them a PO at their address? To make contact in time I'd be forced to use the 'phone, and I'd sooner avoid that at all cost's as I'd probably end telling them what I thought of 'em. As to the CCA no reply, the PO remains uncashed. What's the next step? Thanks for reading this, I'll await replies with great interest.
  10. Credit card. I must jolly them up as they've ignored my CCA request. I'll have to see if they've cashed the PO
  11. I didn't. They called me on what looked like a friends landline number. I called back and refused to answer their security questions once I became aware of my mistake. My fault I fully accept that, but the line sounded like it had a flock of Busbies dancing (line dancing?) on it. And the person was spouting pure gibberish, I couldn't understand a word of what was being said, so I ended the call.
  12. Thank you very much for the reply. Oh no! don't tell me that this means I'll still be getting through to the call centre located in central cockupsville! Could this change involve speaking with an English speaking person who can be understood and who actually understands what they're talking about or is that too much to wish for?
  13. Firstly, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section of the forum. I got a letter a few days ago informing me that my account was being switched from Metropolitan Collection Services to HSBC Repayment services as from 01 December. I was told to continue with any arrangement I have on my account. Fair enough, but, the agreement I have expires this month (November). Also, as I have a repayment card for use at the Post Office, will this cause problems? Who (or what) is this new company? I can't seem to find much info on them either on here or via Google, they seem to be based in a PO box in Coventry. Is this anything to worry about, am I about to be snowed under with yet more pointless letters that just keep going round and round? Or is it a simple re-branding? Thanks for reading, I look forward to your replies.
  14. I'd be interested to hear what FOS have to say. Having re-read this letter it seems a bit of a pointless waste of time and effort to me. Unlike most of my fellow posters on this topic my problems arose in 2011 and I have been paying a token fee every month since. I still have this monthy agreement with them in place up to September 2014. The thing that vexes me with this company is they keep on referring to their 'terms and agreement' by this I assume they mean their CCA. The point is I've never signed any such document with Barclaycard, nor have I ever had a Barclaycard or any accounts whatsoever with this company. I'm an Egg credit card holder. I did mention this ages ago to Barclays but it seems to have been ignored. I often wonder if I have any obligation whatsoever to this company, perhaps they are just trying it on. Or perhaps not. What do you Ladies and Gents think?
  15. AS for PPI being missold, well I think so as I was self employed at the time, and can clearly remember being told that a lower interest rate could be offered if I took out PPI. (The implication being, that a higher interest rate could be levied if I didn't!) How silly a lot of us were in those days!
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