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  1. Oh, should also answer your last question. Online banking.. when I move into Bank of Ireland some 4 yrs ago I repeatedly asked for online banking facilities... The fact that I never got iy is one of the many many reasons why I finally got out of there.
  2. Hi, I have been trying to LEAVE Bak of Ireland and transfer all Direct Debits to be drawn off of new Bank. This was supposed to be a 'free' automated process. Meantime, I have incurred about 750 Pounds losses by way of lost earnings, postage, parking, calls to the bank, and late payment fees for credit cards etc.. The Bank says that it is all my choice and problem - I will need to sue them to have anything even acknowledged. Basically the view of the Bank of Ireland is that it can never make any mistake. Having said that all referral fees have been agreed to be struck out - which was the initial bone of contention. On the credit rating front here is a gem. The senior manager insisted that a bank cannot alter a persons credit history - it is a history. He called upon another senior staff member to confirm this. So I asked how can a banking error that damaged a persons credit score/history be resolved - he told me it can not be resolved and must sit on the persons history (again supported by the word of the second staffer). The next gem was that the bank can only send information to the credit reference agencies at set periods during the year - so.. if he could somehow swing a corrected history it could take a long time to come through. Now i understand that both these statements are false - I read on a credit reference website that the bank can update data at any time, and that an erroneous history can be restored to normal - IF THE BANK INSTRUCT FOR THAT. I went ot the branch and kicked up a loud stink. I cannot function (business wise) with a poor credit rating. I ended up paying 1000 pounds for an assurance that they would restore my credit rating to its previous normal - they agreed. Then when I produced the 1000 pounds and about to exchange I asked again and was suddenly told they would only mark my credit reference with a settled marker for September and the previous 'default' notes would remain. After a near walkout by me and a lot of shouting in the main foyer of the branch (with the manager taking such exception to me starting a sentance with "Look mate..." that for a few seconds I actually thought he was going to strike me.. then he realised where he was) we got down to negotiating further. I am assured my credit history will be restored to the correct clean state within 7 days... Having paid over the money, and had my losses ignored, I just have to wait and see. All my leaverage is gone. For months I had been told I needed to pay all referral fees (for dead direct debits) before the Bank of Ireland would do anything further - these would then be refunded after account closure. The statements kept coming with new fees, everytime I went to branch I was told it was the total statement value I had to pay and the refund would follow.. Even on my credit report the referral fees are included in the recorded debt. Given the state of the Bank of Ireland (shares have crashed the past year or so, and they seem to be selling assets to whoever will buy)... well I took the view of that the Bank of Ireland had a poor credit rating in my view. I simply dont understand why a bank wants refundable fees paid so that they can then refund the money at a later date.... Looks like I will just have to absorb the 750 or so in losses so I can move forward. I dont have the time or spare cash to chase the Bank of Ireland through the Courts. In short, a Bank wins again. The customer suffers. End of story... Or is it... Still have to see that credit file corrected... If he thought I was loud in the bank foyer last time... if I am lied to (in writing) about restoring a clean credit report and shafted again... You guys will hear every word I say cos I will be that loud.
  3. Hi, I need advice on this one asap. I can't see where else on the board to up this. Both Banks trade in the UK. A rough summary of events is below... February 2011: Initiate 'automated' transfer from Bank of Ireland for private account March 2011: New account ready, working, and money deposited April 2011: Advised by new bank that Bank of Ireland is refusing to handover Direct Debit information. Had to provide new bank with a written authority as Bank of Ireland had refused to accept first one. May 2011: New bank advises AGAIN, that Bank of Ireland has refused to accept my SECOND written authority to hand over banking information - THIRD authority signed and handed to new bank. Further, gave letter of authority to a friend to visit back and discuss situation while I was away on business. Bank of Ireland openly discusses at counter my financial information (refused my representative a private area when requested). Bank of Ireland refused my written request to hand over all needed information to my representative for manual transfer to new bank. Start receiving default notices from various DD recipients. June 2011: Personally visited Bank of Ireland twice. First time asked counter staff to speak with the Manageress.. she came out of office and I was close enough to hear her say "Tell him to **** off" - no progress made on this occasion. Second visit took a witness alone Manageress spoke with me. I deposited an invoice for lost earnings etc.. it was tossed to the side and clearly stated that it would never be paid. Still no information provided - even to me - upon demand. June 2011: visited new bank and explained situation. They provided me with a letter indicating the information needed, that several attempts had been made to obtain this information through normal channels etc.. After visiting the Bank of Ireland a further time I was given the information (with several entries withheld (unknown to me at the time). Took information to new bank. Direct Debits were then transferred. June 2011: First statement form Bank of Ireland in few months arrives - £333 in fees for refused Direct Debits in May 2001 alone. Go back to bank - challenge manager... "not our problem...", " you owe this money to us for work done". I verbally tell her that that the account is in dispute, a few days late I hand deliver a letter to the Bank of Ireland stating that the account is in dispute and the reasons why, with instruction not to proceed with any further action until the matter is resolved. Received latter from Bank of Ireland formally stating that they consider the debt stands, that the invoice issued will not be recognised nor paid, and that further action may be taken if I do not pay the full demanded monies immediately. July 2011: Receive statement for June 2011 - BANK OF IRELAND ARE DEMANDING A FURTHER £441 FOR REFUSED DIRECT DEBITS IN JUNE !!! At the end of July 2011 I get a letter from Bank of Ireland stating clearly that they will ruin my credit rating IF I do not settle the demand immediately. August 2011: In early-August I seek to start a small monthly credit deal. I AM REFUSED. I am told that the information came from Equifax UK. I check with Equifax UK. I discover that Bank of Ireland has placed on my credit file that I had defaulted on 2 payments on a 'loan agreement' to the value of almost £2000. My credit rating has dropped from 950 (out of possible 999) to 350 as a direct result. A few days later a further letter of dispute is sent to several Bank of Ireland departments and local branch instructing then that as the account is in dispute to cease and desist placing false information on my credit file.... I learn that a week later the Bank of Ireland placed further negative reports on my credit file. The Bank of Ireland are refusing to talk to me at Branch level, and the main offices in the UK and Ireland will not respond to emails or letter (as for phone.. they just hang up when you state you have a dispute). My big concern is my home - I rent a property and the annual review/renewal of the lease is coming up. I have a well paid job, money in the new bank etc.. However, he does an annual credit check before renewing... I could be homeless in 8 weeks thanks to the false information from Bank of Ireland. I am self-employed and travel a lot. If I loose my lease I will have to take time off work to find a new place, and move... this will cause even more loss of earnings - which Bank of Ireland will not recognise. So, they have destroyed my credit rating, threatening my home, have caused (and may cause further) loss of earnings, demanding almost £2000 (oh forgot to mention they are charging interest in the double figures for the 'debt') the list goes on. I seem powerless against this bank. They have the power to intimidate me (via credit ratings etc..) to pay whatever they say I owe - and they are using that power. I cannot let this go on. I have far too much to loose on the back of this 'free ' transfer. I have no room for manoeuvre. If I pay what they ask (which is false) then they have still ruined my financial standing - which I cannot tolerate (and thus will not pay). Please.... Advice.... ASAP. How can I legally stop/reverse this farce???? Many thanks Slaughtered.
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