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  1. Hi yes the bos has signature and the name the cca just has the signature but it is the same one
  2. This info would be good I have been told by trading standards the my bos is null and void but no one has advised me how I get this official? Thanks
  3. Hi Can anyone advise what my next step is as I am due to meet with the log book loan company this afternoon? Thanks
  4. Hi I hope that someone can help with this, I have been reading this thread and hope that someone will be able to confirm what I need to do, I have a LBL on a car I have asked for payments to be reduced as our family income was reduced this has been going on for a month or 2 I was sent a default notice saying that there were planing to reposes the car I did a letter asking again and also (after some reading) said that I felt the bos was voided as it did not comply with section 9. I went to my parents for 2 weeks and got a call on thursday from my neighbour to say that my car had been c
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