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  1. Hello, when commencing work I was given a company Car which was basically a Loan. I was given the standard Loan agreement which stated the end payment would be in May next year and a also seperate policy which stated the same date but also stated upon reaching 81k milage the car would also be replaced / taken back. Now my issue is I have almost reached this milage (81k) that was stated in the policy and now I have been told the policy has changed to 91k... even though I or anyone else was told in the company of this change. Is this possible for them to do even though it is based on a
  2. Have decided to take peoples tips from this post but will be going through FOS sent the forms off yesterday, even though its not much money on this I will NOT back down as I beleive these sort of placed need to stop thinking just of profits and think more of the people on the other end
  3. 1. Yes I did 2. It was coming to the end of the 3rd year 3. I am aware it is not currently illegal to have a Car without insurance if it is stored on private property, this does seem to be their small grasp of getting some money out of me which I will go to court over if required as it would only make me more than happy to hear them say in Court I am falsifying claims of doing this. I have decided that it may be best to write to them one last time with all the paper work I have, if they believe to accept then it will be over, if not at the bottom of the letter I will ask them to take
  4. I've done everything except send them a copy of the letter as I thought since from their first reponse with it not being a SORN or a new license agreement it wouldn't be much good. I'm at the point where I know I cancelled it, if they wanted to kickup a fuss they should of back then and not just leave it.. This in turn as ust made me dig my heels in
  5. Its been a long week! When starting my new job the Car was stored off the road, then when the Tax ran out (It was on HP and I was trying to return it at this time) I declared a SORN which was about two months ago, the Car was returned last week to the Motor company. Tesco are asking for me to pay from roughly June - Oct last year while the car was off road but not declared as SORN due to it being taxed.
  6. Unless I can drive two cars I find it quite difficult to drive my old Car as I have been riving a Company car since I canceled the insurance. Also presently it is not illegal to own a Car without Car insurance as long as it is privately stored etc.
  7. I cancelled my Car Insurance last year and stopped my direct debit, I'm now getting letters from them and a debt collector asking for money as they say they got no letter from me stating that I wanted to cancel so they kept on charging me until now! Now they say that if I don't have a SORN or proof of other insurance the debt still stands, all I have is a photo copy of the original letter I sent (what has the date on).. I've already told them that I wrote to them which they say they didn't receive. My next step is to take legal action as I've had enough of them, so what I bascially w
  8. Don't know about a charge but I had a settlement figure broken down by WCF and sent a letter back saying thank you for the breakdown bla bla bla any further charges for this account which are not agreed by myself will be ignored.. Nothing was heard about this so if they try they will have to take it to court.. Saying that apart from taking their time to answer my 1st letter they have been very good
  9. Spoke to the above people (Well emailed so it is all still in writing) Seem nice enough people and answered everything I asked. Car gets picked up next Thursday.
  10. Have been contacted by a Company called P&A ("Specialists in Credit Management") Bit confused as why it has gone to them and is not collected by WF or they haven't ask for myself to deliver? Has anyone else had dealings with these people
  11. Cheers, thats what I thought!! Just wanted a bit of backup, I've asked around at work and they also all just laughed at me
  12. If you cancel it giving all the correct warning do you have to give them (Tesco) details of your new insurance or sale of the Car? I thought if you just cancelled it and kept the car in storage (garage) it was up to you.
  13. Thanks for that... I heard from someone that if you cancel your Car insurance that you must show proof to the old provider that the Car has even been sold or re-insured, is that true?? Old asking as I was going to put the Car i my garage until returned and stop my insurance
  14. Anyone who has returned their Car know roughly how long to wait before they contact for its return? The RAC have been and gone just over a week now and that was the last contact I had
  15. Does anyone know who I should write the V5 out to
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