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  1. Hi Genworth is the trading name of Financial Insurance , so they are one and the same. If you read my earlier posts it sets out the process I went through as advised by FOS But in summary Santander refused, referred to FLA but decided not to bother with them so contacted FOS who advised making a claim with Financial Insurance. They refused and referred back to Santander, so back to FOS for 12 months until I received the offer. Good Luck W
  2. Hi Out of nowhere Genworth have written to say they have reconsidered and have offered to refund premiums plus simple interest. As they denied responsibility and referred me back to Santander . I wonder whether FOS have made a case on these claims. FOS have yet to update me on any progress made, all I have received from them in a year is one we are dealing with this but have a lot of complaints letter. Has anyone else received an offer , they have given me 30 days to decide ( this is the second offer). What was also interesting was they had data going back beyond the period Santander provided to me. W
  3. Hi Francis Mail on Sunday sometimes pick up on things like this , you could try them. Regards W
  4. Hi nimmynim. That is an interesting response as it is different to mine, where they referred me back to Santander. So it looks like something is going on in the background. I will be trying to speak to FOS as I have not had an update since before Xmas , so I will update if any news. Regards W
  5. Hi Thanks IMS. Thought so but seems a bit unfair, given they didn't pay this without a fight. Regards W
  6. Hi Just wondered whether anyone knows whether it is possible to offset any expenses incurred against the tax liability on the 8 % interest paid on successful claims. For example postage SAR telephone calls Regards W
  7. Hi Not been on here for a few weeks so did not see this. I completed a FOS questionnaire which I downloaded from their website. Prior to doing that I read up on the FSA guidance , case studies on FOS website and read around this site so I was prepared. The basis of my claim was that I did not need it as I would have been protected by my employer, so I stated what protection sick pay etc they offered, also my pension benefits and policies on redundancy sickness etc. Primarily though I did not believe that PPI was optional as I applied online and I think that either the PPI box was ticked or the example that came back included PPI. When I received documentation it was not made clear that PPI was optional and I could cancel or obtain this somewhere else. I had my agreements so I could refer to the letters they sent . If you don't have them send a SAR so you have all the relevant paperwork. My form was brief .I stuck to the facts and having looked at all the FSA guidance I included what seemed relevant in my circumstances. The appendices in the guidance are useful and the common failings so it is really worth a read. I was not a 100% certain on some things as it was so long ago , so if that was the case I said that i.e I said that I didn't believe I spoke to anyone I did the whole thing online. The form does provide prompts as to what you should include. But I would advise you do a lot of research and look at FOS and FSA websites before you complete the form so you get a feel for what you need to include. I spent a long time doing this, so I had an idea of the grounds for misselling. I also read hundreds of threads on here although they were not Egg cases that also helped. This is your claim so simply state the facts of your case when you have researched misselling . Good Luck Regards W
  8. HI To answer your question. I have not come across anyone who has got beyond the stage I am at , have a read of my thread, but in summary I complained to Santander , who did not uphold and also said it was pre 2005 so not signed up to FSA. On advice on FOS complianed to the underwriter, who referred me back to Santander. It is back with FOS and is with an adjudicator. I have read many threads on here and on MSE and have not come across anyone who has got beyond this point. I think FOS may be doing a test case, but as I have not been allocated an adjudicator yet, I cant get an answer as to what they are doing. I have seen examples of people who have been at this stage for several years. Still worth making a complaint , even if you have to go through the same process. Have a look at my thread which is about two store cards pre 2005. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?323576-Santander-PPI-on-Debenhams-Store-Card&highlight=WFLOSS Good luck Regards W
  9. Hi Glad to be of help. I found the people dealing with PPI quite helpful on the phone, but if you read my thread I was so mad I wrote to the Chief Exec Bob Diamond so that might have helped my claims along. regards W
  10. Hi Take a look at my Barclays thread it might help http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?327285-Barclays-Masterloan-PPI-***-2-Down-1-To-Go-***&highlight=Masterloan I too received a generic letter from them which basically listed every excuse known to man to turn mine down. I suspected they had just churned something out and I rang and it seemed the real reason they had turned it down was because it predated their memebrship of GISC which amazingly they had not put on the letter. After a long battle they upheld 2 out of 3 loans but I had to provide employment details for the one before 2001 ( GISC memebrship) and as I had no policy detail on the first they won't budge on that one. Is there a number on the letter to ring? I would give them a ring to query their response , it might be quicker. But if you prefer to write do that instead. Good Luck Regards W
  11. Hi I rang HSBC today as another Cagger had successfully obtained some information from HSBC microfiche records. However today they told me that they hold no transaction data older than 6 years all destroyed including microfiche. They do hold some data older than 6 years as I received copies of agreements from the early 1990's that set up flexiloan account , but they sent those to me as part of the SAR. Have you tried your branch as I have heard some can be helpful? I am stuck with mine as I don't have anything to prove I paid PPI , but just as I writing this am wondering who the insurance was with and whether they may have something. I had a similar situation with Barclays but Barclays Insurance were very helful, unfortunately my loan predated their records which started in 1998, but they suggested I try my branch. different bank but worth a try. I will post of I have anything useful to add Good Luck W
  12. Hi Sorry not been on here for a while. Rang Data Compliance today and they insist that they do not have any data beyond 6 years , no transaction or balance data held on bank statements, or the flexiloan account. All destroyed paper and fiche. I said that people were obtaining data and she simply reiterated that they don't have it. Feel like I have no choice but to accept their goodwill gesture as I can't see where I can go with this and seems unlikely FOS will do anything if I cannot evidence this. Regards W
  13. Hi Slick ( sorry candyapple) Can I redirect you to one of my threads please as I have asked for help but no suggestions as I am stuck with Barclays and HSBC. Regards W http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?327285-Barclays-Masterloan-PPI-***-2-Down-1-To-Go-***&highlight=masterloan
  14. Hi Just a thought I rang Barclays life in Dublin and asked about policies , they were very helpful , so perhaps you could try there or SAR them. Sorry haven't kept the number regards W
  15. Hi They take forever to do SAR's , mine took at least 3 weeks more than 40 days and that was after registering several complaints , writing to them and them making promises they didn't meet. After 40 days is up ring and register a compaint and make sure you get a complaint reference as they take it a bit more seriously then. Reagrds W
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