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  1. Hi Winnie, Maybe Cerberus can help me on this, but can't you legitimately ask when the date of default was. Then you can actually calculate whether it is statute barred or not. I really recommend reading this document. http://tinyurl.com/3h3zrtz It outlines what a DCO can and cannot do with respect to statute barred debts. Also, if your debt is in the state of NSW then once statute barred, and i quote, "after the limitation period expires, there will be no debt to request or demand payment of." Worth a read for sure. If the link doesnt work just google "collecting statute barred debts asic" and hit the first link. Good luck
  2. I was following dockers thread which seemed to be quite advanced. I think he actually got a court summons from Steve Drake, although it all seemed to go quiet as the date approached. Maybe a gagging order. I'd love to know what happened though.
  3. I see what you mean krios. Although they do have the address registered to my company, which from what cerberus said, could mean they woild be able to begin court proceedings if it came to it.
  4. Yeah that's what I've read too. I could basically slow down the communication process somewhat by going through snail mail, but then is that worth giving my address out for?
  5. That is fascinating! So could you complain to ASIC if you had evidence that collection activity was happening whilst they were unlicensed? Whilst this doesn't dispute the debt itself would it invalidate assignment? Pretty interesting stuff.
  6. Thanks cerberus. I'm tempted to give my residential address so that at least i can respond/dispute the case rather than having a court summons issued to my company address without my knowledge. But then im only giving them more ammunition. Also ive read the australian debt collection guidelines which specify that they need to positively identify me as the alleged owner of the debt. Only then can they release details of the debt itself, otherwise I guess it could be deemed a breach of privacy. Today i receieved an email with some top level details of the debt. However at no point have I confirmed my identity in full. Which begs the question, are they breaching guidelines releasing this info without confirming my identity? What would constitue positive identification?
  7. Thanks cerberus, your advice is reassuring. Just a quick question. Can they initiate court proceedings without a known address? My gut feeling is that they cannot, but if they have the address where my company is registered, then is that all that they need?
  8. Hi Rajha, Whats the latest new on this? How did you get on? I am in a similar situation to you.
  9. I have told them the address they have given me is not mine and that I refuse to give out details to contact me randomly. Do you think this is a safe bet?
  10. Hi all, I've become yet another victim of the Credit Corp bandwagon recently. Thankfully I've found this forum which has provided a great deal of help, however I was wondering if some one who has been put through the CCG mill could advise me on my next steps. To give you a bit of background to my situation; I lived in Sydney for 4 years until 2007 when I came back to England to live. I had a credit card in Australia too. In the UK I am director of a small public limited company that I run with my girlfriend who is a director too. Earlier today I received an email from Credit Corp asking me to call them. They gave no details, did not specifically mention debt, simply asked for me to call their Sydney office. Somehow they've managed to find my email address, possibly from an ex-colleague in Australia, however I don't believe they have my phone number or home address. They are obviously trying to chase up a debt but I was hesitant to make contact as I didn't want it to be seen as an admission. I then received a second email asking me to call. Again, no specific mention of debt, however this time they gave the address of my accountant and asked if they could send some documents through to that address. As I own a limited company I assume they found his details listed on Companies House. I have yet to reply but obviously I don't want them to send details to my accountant, nor do I want them calling him. More of a concern is that if they found my details, they will also find my girlfriends and her family and I really don't want them involved. So my question is. Should I make contact and find out exactly what I'm supposedly accused of. By doing so, I expect they will stop trying to track my phone number and address and hopefully won't hassle my girlfriend, her family or our accountant. Or, should I ignore them and see what happens? My concern is that eventually they will find my address, hassle my girlfriend and family and start some sort of court proceedings. I really don't want that! My gut says ignore them, but my head says find out exactly what they want, then see if its statute barred and officially dispute it with the FOS. I was thinking that I could provide an International private post box address. That might as least prevent them from finding my actual adress.. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm losing sleep over this.
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