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  1. hi there, thanks for the reply - It is currently tenanted, but going through a Section 8 proceeding to get them out before the exchange. Hopefully this doesn't throw a spanner in the works, but if they do dig their heels in and cause problems (they're over 2 months in arrears, consistent lateness for a year, all grounds currently stand), what's the worse Santander could do? Cheers! dP.
  2. Hi all, I know it's a bit naughty but I tenanted my property (via letting agency) without informing Abbey/Santander. They wanted to charge me something ridiculous like 2k to let it out. I moved country, and couldn't leave it empty, nor could I sell it, and was skint after the move, so I made a decision to withhold the info.... Now I am selling the house, and am close to exchange. I am worried that Santander are going to hit me with a huge fine of some sort (can't find anything about fines in my original mortgage offer, but it does mention "don't let it out without our permiss
  3. Hi all, Bit of a saga here. I am a first-time landlord living overseas, and have a family (2x parents, 2 young children) living in my property, the particulars of the contract being: * AST * 18 Months fixed term * Start date: 30/12/2010 * Release clause at 6 + 2 months after start date * Rent due PCM, (30th) At the beginning of the tenancy, the Lettings agency assured me that this was a working family (1 Taxi Driver, 1 local School teacher) and that all references and credit-checks came back fine. I did not ask to verify anything myself, operating from a trust basis (n
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