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  1. With the abolition of the paper disc, we've seen that payment of vehicle tax has now been given the option of paying by direct debit, which has eased the burden on many families who have been struggling to keep their head above water and where they rely on their vehicle as a necessity and not as a luxury. However, as DVLA is extending the humanitarian hand so it's grabbing more money in vehicle tax from those families who have chosen to make use of direct debit as a means of payment. They are being charged more, in cases 5% more. Taking into account that the vehicl
  2. Greetings I received a PCN for unloading my LGV in a loading bay. It was the normal of parking attendant viewed for 5 minutes, nothing happening, so issued the PCN. I wrote off to the Council highlighting the cases: Sprake - v - Tester (1955) 53 LGR 194 Richards - v - McKnight [1977] RTR 289 Bulman - v - Godbold [1981] RTR 242 Boulton - v - Pilkington [1981] RTR 87 Whiteside - v - Watson 1952 SLT 367 McLeod - v - Wojkowska 1963 SLT (Notes) 51 Holder - v - Walker [1964] Crim LR 61 Chafen - v - Another Supplement to the Justice of the Peace and Local Gover
  3. Thank you, they're collecting on behalf of MBNA as per their correspondence. There's no mention of any other company involved.
  4. Many thanks,I'll get that off to them in the morning post.
  5. Hi Would like to have any suggestions on what to do.please. A debt with MBNA became statue barred in February 2011 and it was subsequently removed from my credit file by Experian. In November 2012 I started to receive phone calls from the DCA (which I didn't answer) and they left voicemail stating that they're calling about this original debt dating back to September/October 2003. These I ignored and by January 2013 I was receiving 3 to 4 calls a day for 4 days out of the week. One call was even at 8.45pm which but my back up. They also started writing letters to my neighbours during th
  6. I've opened an account with another bank, all my income goes there, it has for the last year. They informed the ombudsman that they have never recieved a letter/s from me. When I produced the RMail proof of delivery to the ombudsman, Santander responded by saying that prrof of delivery is not sufficient to say they received the letters.
  7. Hi I would appreciate some advice here. The scenario in a nutshell is as follows: I have two accounts with Santander. The one had a zero balance and is dormant, however Santander started charging unauthorised overdraft fees on the zero balance, which then pushed the account into overdraft and hey presto they started having fun. My recorded mail letter to Ana Botin fell on deaf ears and their charges increase at a rate of £100 a month. The second account I wanted to close with Santander, so wrote a letter on June 2011 instructing them not to pay out any monies from that account and to ca
  8. I've had exactly the same thing happen to me. On my two accounts with Santander, one which had a zero balance and was dormant for 6 months, have over the last 8 months attracted over £2000 worth of bank charges, most of it accrued as Santander would not instruct on my written intructings to stop paying direct debits as I'd changed my bank and moved my income to another bank. I wrote a letter to Ana Botin, recorded delivery in September 2011 and have not had a reply, except for monthly statements mounting up. I took it to the Ombudsman who ruled that I had no intention of ever moving my ban
  9. I've agreed to rent a property and the new tenancy agreement has arrived. It has a clause stating the following: "Not to bring or allow to be used on the property any candles incense oil-burners oil lamps or the like mobile Calor gas or paraffin heaters or the like except in the event of a power cut or system breakdown ensuring these are in the correct receptacles". By query is that with my religion it is custom that we burn candles at the Friday celebration dinner. By stating in the agreement that I may not burn candles in the property, is the landlord in effect stating that I may n
  10. Thank you for the advice. I did send a letter to them last year when it became statute barred before I moved. I will however send another letter to them referring to their letter and see what they have to say.
  11. The original outstanding with MBNA became statute barred in February 2011. I last asked MBNA in 2004 to provide a copy of my agreement with them and to date they've not supplpied one and have not made any attempt to recover the debt thru the legal channels. I received the attached letter today. I was not aware that one needs to advise creditors of statute berred debt when one moves. Also, chatting to my neighbour yesterday, she mentioned in conversation that she'd received a letter from Dlc enquiring as to whether I lived in the neighbourhood as so did the other 9 houses in the hamlet tha
  12. Not specifically no, but I also didn't say that I acknowledged tyhe debt.
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