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  1. Hi, I received a PCN for parking on Thornton Road, Ilford. This is a narrow road and the parking is allowed with two tyres on the footpath. All the cars were parked in this way so I parked mine the same way to prevent blocking traffic. I was shocked to find a ticket on my car. After checking carefully I found the parking sign which allows parking in this manner except last few meters of the road where my car was parked. However there is no yellow line on the road to restrict parking. Also there were L plates on my car since my wife has a pro
  2. Dear Friends, I have received a PCN for parking in resident permit area. My concern is there was no marked bay on this road and the lines were not clearly visible. On all other roads close to this the bays were properly marked. There was a board on the opposite side of the road few metres away from where I parked which displayed resident permit holders only between 9am and 5.30pm monday to saturday. I parked the car at 5pm and received a PCN at 5.09pm I am attaching the pictures which I have taken and the PCN. Kindly advice me regarding the appeal and what wordings should I put in. Rega
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